Your Past Is Showing

Your Past Is Showing

A very British comedy about a blackmailer and his victims.

A very British comedy about a blackmailer and his victims. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve W (de) wrote: Trades battle scenes for blocks of text instead of voiceovers, and ultimately it feels like a boring history class without a monotone teacher. Its as if someone handed you a textbook with pictures and said: read this. Jackie Chan is decent, and so is the actor who plays Sun Wen, but ultimately the movies shoves too much into a quick 99 minutes. Even the battle scenes seemed short, and the most interesting parts were with Sun Wen.

Corey T (jp) wrote: Basically put, Not bummer summer is such a firecracker of a good film, that anyone who rates it as rotten has lost all touch with their inner-kid, and bullies it to death. And the cast has such a good chemistry, that only Snow White and every last one of her seven dwarves can hold a candle to them. Really, RT? 13 flippin percent?! Poop picnic on you

Federico D (ag) wrote: This is a story we've seen dozens of times before.

Jordan20 E (au) wrote: The reason why I take such a bold stance is because I really do believe that this movie was a big milestone for the film industry.Batman the Dark Knight is the best movie ever made. Receiving 30 awards, this movie did a fantastic job at portraying DC Comics' masked superhero. The director, producer, and co-writer Christopher Nolan is an absolute mastermind! This movie set the bar for special effects and how acting needs to be done. Actors Christian Bale (Batman) and Heath Ledger (Joker) took their acting careers to a whole new level. I also think that it adds to know that this was the last movie for Ledger due to his passing from prescription drugs.Reading over all of the other critics and reviews that have been posted before mine, I can see that I am not the only person that feels this way. Having received over 300 reviews and comments on this Rotten Tomatoes website, only 19 have been rotten. The reason why I take such a bold stance is because I really do believe that this movie was a big milestone for the film industry.

Neil S (gb) wrote: If Christian Slater was not in it I would have pressed stop. I mistook this for the other good shepherd lol. Bit of a bore really.

Private U (es) wrote: this is one of my favourite movies, it's probably at the top of my list of fav movies. anna friel plays a really fun & positive person who doesn't let anyone bring her down ... she makes lemonade out of any lemon she gets handed, fa sure.

Chris M (de) wrote: Seeing that most of the crappy direct to home sequels based on animated movies (Disney or not), this would have come out as no surprise. But this was directed by Don Bluth! I mean really? I know he hadn't made good movies in the 90s, but come on! I've seen him do better even at some of his worst!

Michael S (gb) wrote: Julie Christie gives one of her finest perfomances and deservedly received an Oscar-nomination for best actress. Her work is so much richer than Helen Hunt's who very underserving won the Oscar that year. But time has a way of making things right - and while Helen Hunts career has been going rapidly downhill ever since, Julie Christie is on her way to a secord Oscar - for Away With Her. Alan Rudolph is a intelligent student of Robert Altman's - with several bright films to his credit.

Andr D (au) wrote: Maggie Chung se interpreta a ella misma como una actriz contratada por un pretencioso y algo fetichista director para ser la protagonista del re-make de "Les Vampires", un clasico (verdadero) del cine mudo frances. Una cachetada a aquellos que todavia creen que el cine se divide en "Cine" y "Cine arte". Y en un caso de "la vida imita al arte", el director frances Pitof realizaria "Catwoman" con Halle Berry como protagonista, con los mismos resultados.

Miguel A (ag) wrote: Depois de tantos filmes focados na mfia italiana, com bastante agrado que se v um "State of Grace" que mostra o lado irlands do crime em Nova Iorque, embora os italianos estejam tambm muito presentes nesta saga com caractersticas claramente Scorsesianas. Paixo, traio e tiroteios, nas ruas de Nova Iorque, costuma ser o suficiente para que um filme valha a pena e este "State of Grace" realmente enaltecido pela grandeza da cidade que a mostarda no cachorro destas sagas criminosas. Isto porque, de resto, o filme de Phil Joanou demasiado exagerado e desorientado na sua durao para ser o "Goodfellas" irlands. Serve ainda assim para provar que Sean Penn um dos grandes actores trgicos do seu tempo.

Philip L (ca) wrote: A little ex con released from prison into a bleak miserable cold war era Germany decides to go to the America Dream with his prostitute girlfriend and bird loving best mate only to find it a bleak miserable cold war era USA. Rubbish and excellent at the same time with dancing chickens. One word sums this up -Obscure.

Alan D (au) wrote: Heavy stuff. For grown-ups only. See it.

Dillon L (it) wrote: classic so funny and well made

Cory D (ca) wrote: It makes me want to read the play just to see if it has a bigger gravity to it than the movie. I liked the story, and loved the cast, but it feels like something was lost in translation when it got turned into a film. The ending seemed rushed and wasn't satisfying.

Simon D (gb) wrote: So, the Star Trek franchise is clearly reaching an end in this format. This must be the case otherwise the comedy element would just be too much for the fans to take. Where there were some amusing moments in the previous films, this is almost a spoof. The story is pretty ridiculous too but I think this falls into the category of being so bad it's good; and it is pretty entertaining.