Youth of the Beast

Youth of the Beast

To infiltrate a criminal organization responsible for the death of one of his colleagues, the Detective Tajima adopts the behavior of of a brutal thug and plays opposing yakuza bosses against each other.

A violent thug plays opposing yakuza bosses against each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan R (au) wrote: I went in expecting another in depth look at a Rock Icon, as Sam Dunn and his team have done in the past. What I got instead was a Biography Channel montage of archive photos and footage with voice overs.No on camera interviews (except for the archive footage) of ANYONE. It lacked the substance of a real documentary, and seemed more like a 127min in memorium segment. Super Duper Alice Cooper failed to really go beyond surface scratches in Alice's career. It failed to look at the laundry list of artists Alice influenced (only touching briefly with Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister). It didn't even really talk much about being inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...and ended with his relaunch in the late 80's. There is SO much more to Alice than this surface scratch, tattered with old horror film footage. The substance of this film is sadly left in the "Bonus" material of the DVD, not in the film where it belongs.Alice is better than this.

Daniel K (kr) wrote: 2.5: It was a great touch to cast Michael Rooker in the role of the arresting Detective. I was shocked no one mentioned "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" during the special feature as I view Freeway Killer as a direct descendent of this previous low-budget, independent, ground-breaking cult classic. It didn't get all the details right though. The vehicles and clothing seemed to be right, but the Frosted Flakes box, Coke logos, canned goods, etc in the convenience store were definitely not from the correct time period. The film does have an authentic feel and the performances are all spot on. It does seem rather incredible that this man - William Bonin, the 12th most prolific serial killer in U.S. history, and the first to be put to death by lethal injection in the State of California - was able to gather disciples around him so rapidly. Most serial killers seem to be solitary hunters, but this man collaborated with his friends in killing. The film depicted this in a way that made it seem somewhat understandable and plausible, which made it all the more creepy. It offers a window into a man that really seems to have had an intense hatred for most of humanity. I can't help but feel that his hatred for males, as opposed to females, had something to do with his sexual abuse at the hands of his Grandfather as a child. It is a no-frills, but solidly entertaining genre piece without many predecessors in terms of its specific sub-genre and style. Leets performance is what makes it work, but the rest of the cast works as well. The picture isn't great, but it's worth seeing.

Mario H (es) wrote: Awesome documentary. It's just really sad what's happening in central America.

Alexander C (us) wrote: Would like to get round to seeing!

Roy C (gb) wrote: Little Kirikou liberates his village from the wicked sorceress Karaba, and liberates her from her curse.

Eric R (br) wrote: Another beautiful, hypnotic film by Theodoros Angelopoulous, which tells the story of an author who is coming towards the end of his life. This man is full of doubts and regrets pertaining to his life, and the film is essentially a quiet journey among a man's thoughts and feelings as death nears. The film's transitions between present and past are so seamless in this film, that it all ends up feeling like a dream. Everything about this film is meticulously designed and thought over from the voice-over of our Author's wife to Angelopoulous use of slow-moving tracking shots elliciting mood. I did find the pace of thsi film to sag a little in the middle, but it's forgiven just because of how geniune and real everything about this film seems. There are so many small quiet moments which aren't created merely to drive story or plot, the bit about the apartment next door playing the same melody for example, but more so to form the overarching mood and create a unique feeling of a moment that is 100% real and genuine in life. Another film by Angelopoulos that I have trouble describing.... It's the poetry of life.

Genaro M (kr) wrote: Another of my all time favorite movies.

Tina D (es) wrote: alyssa milano est tres bonne dans son personneage

jeff m (ru) wrote: i love his movies. i was saden by his death. jim makes some really funny movies.

Stephen M (ru) wrote: This movie was fantastic, another great animated movie by this great studio, full of heart & adventure.

Ian T (us) wrote: Colonel Braddock is back but in the prequel before his capture.. He helps an American unit out of trouble. However they end up POWs and deal with a sadistic NVA commander. Full of action and neat weaponry..

Private U (ag) wrote: One of the funnyest elvis films. its probably my favorite--after blue hawii.

Alex M (jp) wrote: I wanted to like this film more than I did. I like Melville as a director but this film moves a little too carefully, which would be fine if it seemed to know where it was going but that aspect is a little weak. That being said, not a bad little genre film with some gorgeous B/W cinematography