Yu mao san xi jin mao shu

Yu mao san xi jin mao shu


Chan Chiao a.k.a. The Cat (Adam Cheng) and Pai Yu-tang a.k.a. The Rat (Alexander Fu Sheng) compete in various flamboyantly choreographed duels before realizing that they must seek the judgment of their master (Lau Kar-wing). He disappoints them by ruling that their abilities are perfectly equal, then being so completely impartial as to give the Rat a nine-ringed sword which he can use to defeat the Cat, and giving the Cat a spear to defeat the sword which he just gave the Rat. A few more contests result in ties before a subplot gets underway involving a precious jade seal owned by the Emperor Yung Hsi (Gordon Lau) and the thieves out to steal it. This, finally, is what forces the Cat and Rat to work together and overcome their rivalry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Perrine B (us) wrote: Cinq amis ont un rve de gloire commun via leur groupe de rock Lust. Mais il n'est pas toujours facile d'avoir exactement les mmes objectifs. Surtout avec l'arrive de Laura qui va crer des tensions entre Manu et Lucas.Aaah les filles, ces fouteuses de m... qui droutent les garons et peuvent aller jusqu' mettre une forte amiti en l'air ! C'est ce qui se passe ici, sur fond de popularit musicale situe entre les annes 70 et 80. Marc-Andr Grondin et Arthur Dupont assurent en rles titres dans une comdie dramatique qui manque quelque peu de rythme, et surtout de rock. Un peu trop sage ?

Tom M (us) wrote: The whole movie, I just kept hoping it would get better.

Daniel F (ca) wrote: The love for football can transcend not only race, gender or faith, but can also heal or ease pain when politics mingle in everyday life. A touching coming-of-age story, not exceptional and definitely not unique, but good enough to remember what's important in life.

Monster (jp) wrote: If you're Romanian, than this movie is great. You get all the little gestures, you recognize the things people do daily put here, and it's ... very amusing to see traditions treated this way, and the rapresentation of the village ... Simply amazing, brilliant script, directing, cinematoraphy and even acting. Well worth watching.

nicolas m (ru) wrote: Very honest documentary. So honest it gets very slow at times, but it is still a very good doc about one of the best bands ever. Sorry I don't write more, I need to go play some pixies songs in my guitar.

Florence (it) wrote: Marc um cantor que procura ajuda numa pousada perdida no interior, quando o seu carro d defeito. Ele acha que pode ir embora a qualquer momento, mas logo descobre que no pode sair, pois tornou-se objeto de desejo do estranho gerente, que pensa que ele a reencarnao do seu antigo amor, Glria.

Omar L (jp) wrote: This is one of those rom-coms that does something unique: it actually gets you to care about the characters who are supposed to be together. The way this movie does it is by having these characters actually be good people, despite their differing ideologies, an achievement that is difficult enough to manage in real life, let alone in a movie. There aren't any memorable lines, but the charm of both Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant is enough to make this movie worth watching.

Donovan D (gb) wrote: Not bad Spanish Sex Comedy Musical. The Other Side of the Bed was apparently one of the top-grossing Spanish films of the 03, and I can see why: its blend of an attractive cast (especially Paz Vega), open European sexuality and the musical is a crowd-pleasing combination that is largely inoffensive and unchallenging. While these characteristics made it an instant hit, they also work to lessen the film's chance at a lasting impact. In a lot of ways the plot felt like something we've all seen before countless times, and while the incorporation of musical elements was novel, it was only novel because this was a Spanish film - if this were in Hindi it would seem like standard fare. All in all, I enjoyed the film - it wasn't exactly a chore - but it wasn't particularly distinguished either.

june h (mx) wrote: headaching..i hate the british accent, i wanted to leave within 10 mins of the movie...but i stayed for jason stathem sexy man!!!lol

Michael H (ru) wrote: Great film. The scene with Hopper and Walken is one of my all time favourites. Worth watching just for that scene.

Andrew E (au) wrote: They should have called this film 'My Stepmother in not well suited for comedy and my dad can do much better than this crap'. A long title to fit on the poster but at least you would know what to expect.

Oscar D (fr) wrote: The mother of all vigilantes strikes again in this violent and graphic sequel. Die-hard fans will enjoy

Tom D (de) wrote: a film depicting the world's most dangerous catastrophes!

ivor b (ca) wrote: Made in 1976. Elke Sommer has lead, Better then anticipated, but so seventies!

Greg W (jp) wrote: the duke's version of a maverick cop a la 'dirty harry'

Alison H (au) wrote: Excellent movie about a black family in depression-era Louisiana. Billed as a movie about the wife (played by Cicily Tyson), but I saw it as more of a coming-of-age film for the family's oldest son.

Derek G (us) wrote: It's not often that you find a movie directed by someone that honestly feels like that person wasn't quite right in the head. Branded to Kill is one of those movies, a visually incredible but virtually incomprehensible and very violent skewering of Japanese crime movies that got the director fired from his studio. This is the kind of movie that Tarentino wishes he could make, one with the underlying feeling of effortless cool pulled from a trashy concept that he really stole from movies like this. A bizzaro masterpiece. A+

Jose Luis M (fr) wrote: Efectos especiales impresionantes de un terremoto para 1936 y un final muy patritico.

Shawn S (us) wrote: This is a truly exceptional film and Alan Rickman & Bruce Willis are great.

Isaac P (gb) wrote: A guilty-pleasure movie that is so bad that it's good.