Yuk po tuen III goon yan ngoh yiu

Yuk po tuen III goon yan ngoh yiu


The plot follows new prostitutes Susan (Karen Yeung), Fanny (Tung Yi), and Chinyun (Chung Chun), who are inducted into the Fragrance House brothel where they are trained in the ways of lovemaking by their veteran madam Tall Kau. Eventually all three enter circulation where Susan is crowned the top prize and becomes enamored of budding scholar Chu Chi-Ang. Fanny is jealous beyond all means and though she's bought by famous horse trader Sir Lui (Category 3 staple Tsui Kam-Kong), she still plans her revenge on Susan. Eventually the typical “torture the innocent naked girl for cheap thrills” stuff happens, while Chu learns various wacky sexual positions to get Susan back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Yuk po tuen III goon yan ngoh yiu torrent reviews

Kevin W (kr) wrote: A decent indie flick

Matthew D (kr) wrote: Once again a DC animated movie gets off to a good start but does follow through, although this may be the most incongruous derailment; A promising tale about finding oneself, with added superpowers, is completely hijacked in the second half for an action-heavy, by-the-numbers sci-fi film. This passes the time well enough with mindless violence, but trivialises the new protagonist we were introduced in the first part and whose story we thought this was.

Fabien R (de) wrote: Bcp trop violent et pas trs intressant

Steve F (it) wrote: What a piece of crap! I want my 90 minutes back!!!

mai v (au) wrote: i saw this and it was petty good. i only watched this because of the main actress because i saw her in Lovers Concerto.

Amanda H (jp) wrote: This movie is very long, and very reminiscent of about a million other films just like it. I mean, what can you do with a courtroom mob movie? But despite that, this is actually quite interesting and I enjoyed it much more than I expected to. I can't give it a shining review because it is so long and not very unique, but it's well acted and definitely held my attention. That's a lot more than I bargained for.

Lucie N (jp) wrote: oh boy, i just saw the trailer. wow, am i not interested in this movie!

Morten S (es) wrote: This movie surpriced me a lot. Extremely moving but also extremely funny in some scenes. Hollywood just cant makes theses kind of movies.

Hawk (br) wrote: This is not a film that has aged well at all. The movie was done entirely in computer animation. CGI is fine and can add a lot to films that need it, but it requires that the film take on a style of its own. Here the process seeks to imitate real life, and for what reason I'm not entirely sure. In the right light, it almost works and is almost believeable, but these scenes are few and far between, instead you get scenes that look like they came out of Playstation 2 cutscene.I'm not usually hard on cinematography or animation style but this movie looks downright bad to a point where it has a debilitating effect on the rest of the movie. The story is nothing really worth writing home about, it's not great but it's not terrible either. There's a nice climatic battle, that somewhat redeems the terrible animation but it's too little too late.

Private U (ca) wrote: Elia Suleiman is so abstract that this movie is really hard to follow, especially since I question some of the translation. At least he's pretty funny.

Betsy H (au) wrote: Best thing in this movie? Michael Ontkean's mullet.

Eduardo C (nl) wrote: A film that could never have been done during the war for obvious reasons became the first film Kurosawa did after the war. Yukie is a pampered rich girl who spends her time playing the piano and relishes being pursued by two suitors, both of whom are college men. Itokawa is gentle and affectionate but too much so. There is a scene in which Yukie asks him to get on his knees and beg her forgiveness even though he hasn't done anything, and to her horror, he does exactly that. He is the safe suitor, ultimately becoming a successful prosecutor. Noge is the brave and romantic hero who is adamantly against the rise of Fascism and will thus pay the predictable price for his passions. Yukie does her utmost to forget and avoid Noge but is drawn to his magnetism so strongly she eventually ends up marrying him. The scenes of them being married are heartbreaking because of the terror she feels every time he walks out the door. Eventually Noge is imprisoned and assassinated by the fascists right before his trial. What Yukie does in response to that is heroic and amazing making her the greatest heroine in the entire Kurosawa oeuvre. A seriously underrated Kurosawa film.

Icarus M (de) wrote: nice movie......better than "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" a lot and a lot!!!