Yukon Flight

Yukon Flight

When the plane owned by the "Yukon and Columbia Mail Service" crashes, RCMP Sergeant Renfrew (James Newill) and Constable Kelly (Dave O'Brien) suspect murder. Their suspicions are confirmed when Renfrew finds the control stick has been jammed, forcing the plane to fly in one direction until the gas ran out. Mine owner Louise Howard (Louise Stanley) reports that her superintendent is missing. The Mounties find him murdered and that too has been made to look like an accident. A new mail service pilot, Bill Shipley (Warren Hull), arrives. He had gone to training school with Renfrew but had been cashiered for misconduct. The Mounties discover that Raymond (Karl Hackett), who had been working for Louise, really owns the flying line managed by Yuke Cardoe (William Pawley.) They find proof that all the gold from the mine isn't being turned over to Louise, and suspect that Raymond and Yuke are stealing the gold and shipping it to Seattle by plane.

When the plane owned by the "Yukon and Columbia Mail Service" crashes, RCMP Sergeant Renfrew (James Newill) and Constable Kelly (Dave O'Brien) suspect murder. Their suspicions are confirmed... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan C (jp) wrote: Fairly enjoyable. The story is somewhat decent and plays out well. It could of been a lot better with stronger elements of the story in certain areas.

Nicki M (jp) wrote: Just can't get into this one. Feel like I have seen it all before. (And I have. 4 times). Didn't mind the other sequels, but it's getting really old by now. Probably an unfair review, as its not actually worse than the others, but enough is enough. I watched maybe half hour of this one.

Mike V (us) wrote: A few memorable scenes in this true-to-life drama but I couldn't connect with the lead character and found that some scenes dragged. AAN. 1001

Andy F (us) wrote: I wanted this to be so much better than it was! After a bright start, this cabin by the lake horror takes many confusing and far fetched turns. It is watchable, but frustrating. The cinematography makes it worth a watch alone though, very nice to look at!

Michael J (mx) wrote: Pretty standard low budget ghost story. It's quite boring actually and adds very little to the ghost-genre. The scene with the shop-keeper got me though... Didn't see that comming.

John S (ca) wrote: [font=System]Scroll to bottom for bottom line.[/font][font=System][/font] [font=System]I have seen worse. Hangmen comes to mind. This movie had potential with Christopher Lambert, Lou Diamond Philips, and Ron Perlman. It did not, however, live up to its potential.[/font][font=System][/font] [font=System]Sound: The sound is average, maybe a little better. Gunshots will echo as they should.[/font][font=System][/font] [font=System]Music: Nothing memorable.[/font][font=System][/font] [font=System]Set Design/scenery: For a movie int he future, no wonderous future specatcles are offered. For a movie set after a near apocalyptic plague, the scenes look a lot like they were shot in a modern day city like London, Toronto, or LA (oh wait, it was filmed in all 3 of those locations oyu say?).[/font][font=System][/font] [font=System]Plot: Brad Mirman came up with a very original concept here in ways. The actual plot, meaning progression of a story from beginning to end, was not bad at all. The greedy, evil corporation controlling an dmanipulating the world is not original, but the Absolon drug conspiracy thing is interesting. The plot points were probably well made int he script I am guessing, but the direction was horrible. What could have been a decent movie was destroyed by a director with apparentyl no standards. The dialogue was acted out horribly, and one can only blame a director for allowing it. The physical acting was cheesy as well with fight scenes poorly choreographed and executed. Director David Barto allowed a movie with potential to be destroyed by not having not forced a higher par performance on the actors. I have seen Ron Perlman do stunning performances in Alien Resurrection and Enemy at the Gates. I have been impressed with Christopher Lambert in Highlander, and Lou Diamond Philips did good work in both the Young Guns films. All three had the ability to do a much better job than they did, and Barto should have seen that they lived up to their potential. As it stands none of the three earned the paycheck they received.[/font][font=System][/font] [font=System]Mood: The cheesy acting and poor set design did nothing to further this end, but the potential was their. I did feel something of a curiosity toward the Absolon drug and was wondering to a degree what would happen next, but every time a real mood started to develop, every time I started to feel pulled into the movie, the cheesy acting and piss-poor direction jerked me right back out of the movie and into my living room.[/font][font=System][/font] [font=System]Dialogue: Come on Mirman, you can do better than these lines. Perlman's frustrated evil bad guy boss lines were so cliched. Couldn't you give Perlman something better to work with? We get the idea already, his lieutenants are incompetent and he is frustrated. Give him something original to say, maybe develop the character a bit.[/font][font=System][/font] [font=System]Character Development: You won't care what happens to these characters at all because there is no development to speak of.[/font] BOTTOM LINE: Pass on this one unless there is absolutely nothing else you want to rent, nothing on TV, nothing you care to rewatch, and nothing you would rather be doing than watching a movie. If that is the case, then this movie is better than nothing.

John F (es) wrote: Boring and offensive.

Christopher M (de) wrote: THIS FILM IS [email protected]$ED UP!

Peter M (it) wrote: Old school sci fi ation. Awsome stuff.

Dayna N (ca) wrote: Eyes Of a Stranger is a forgotten gem that is a must see and must have for the Slasher collector. A young Jennifer Jason Leigh is introduced in this movie it also stars Lauren Tewes from Love Boat. The story is good and so is the acting, the gore is up to par for the early 80's slasher's. I wasn't bored for a minute. It takes you right to the meat from the beginning till the end. I was so glad to find this lost treasure and I couldn't wait to order it.Watch out for the FISH TANK~!!!

Jeff B (br) wrote: The worst Godzilla villain ever and this was actually more about Mothra than anything else. Boring beyond belief.

Michael H (es) wrote: A glimpse inside black families and communities in Alabama in the early 60s via a narrative feature which has a bit of the look and feel of documentary. Effective at both telling a story and illuminating aspects of the black experience.

Paul D (es) wrote: Family drama in the wild west. A simmering tale of love and gun play that never gets going despite three well known faces as brothers.