A university professor, who wants to slow down a little, moves with his wife and daughter, from the big city to a small town and starts a new job as a teacher in a girls' gymnasium. ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:little girl,   nudity,   sex,  

A university professor, who wants to slow down a little, moves with his wife and daughter, from the big city to a small town and starts a new job as a teacher in a girls' gymnasium. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harsh C (kr) wrote: favourite line: "put me out of my misery!" - exactly what I was thinking

Paul M (au) wrote: Great for fans of the show, but just an average flick for anyone else. Of course, I enjoyed it...

Ginger R (it) wrote: I think some one forgot her meds! great movie!

Jon P (gb) wrote: Curiously cutesy and unashamedly depraved, John Waters' shocker is worth watching if only for its bizarre tone and eerie oddities. But be warned: this creepy comedy WILL test your stomach.There's a lot of shouting, a lot of swearing and a surf-friendly soundtrack, as the film circles around a competition between oddball Divine and her baby-breeding adversaries for the title of 'filthiest people alive'. Characters include a travelling egg salesman, an egg-citable crib-bound Grandmother and a Peeping Tom (or rather, Flashing Raymond) and the marauding plot includes anything from creepy incest and the consumption of dog faeces, to anal stretching and chicken murder.Despite the fact at least half of this outrageous material is near unwatchable, Pink Flamingos really has to be seen to be believed - it's one of few banned films that genuinely lives up to its myths. This is the filthiest movie alive. Or at least one of them...

Eric B (fr) wrote: "Peppermint Frappe" ends with a dedication to Luis Bunuel, but the master's influence becomes obvious much earlier. The lecherous plot -- callous siren teases older fetishist -- comes straight from Bunuel's pet themes. The nod to "Vertigo" is also hard to miss.Julian (Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez) is a balding, middle-aged radiologist. Far from likable, he smokes too much and steadily glistens with an anxious sweat. He has a shy but beautiful assistant named Ana (Geraldine Chaplin, in her first of nine films with director Carlos Saura).Julian is reunited with his old friend Pablo (Alfredo Mayo), and is immediately consumed with Pablo's alluring wife Elena (Chaplin again, this time in a blonde wig). He has an image stuck in his mind of an exuberant, unidentified girl he saw beating a drum at a past regional celebration -- Elena is either that very girl, or just someone who resembles her (flashbacks supply Chaplin with a possible third role). But Julian doesn't care much about the truth. He's hooked either way.From there, his fixation only deepens. He courts Ana as a poor substitute, and obsessively goads her to adopt Elena's glamorous makeup, dress and hair. He even puts a drum in her hands. But it's only a matter of time before he turns back to Elena -- despite her marriage to Pablo. Elena senses his attraction and cruelly toys with him. Tension builds, and a happy resolution seems unlikely."Peppermint Frappe" deviates little from Bunuel's playbook. The only strong difference is its prominent use of contemporary rock music. Bunuel typically rejected the comforts of musical scoring, but Saura has no such reservations. What's more, the film's central song, "The Incredible Miss Perryman," is marvelously catchy.

Yasmin U (gb) wrote: Underrated, yet melodramatic. Good dialogue: "Why do you keep him around?" "Because he amuses me!" very fine performance by the woman who played the grandmother

Erin C (ru) wrote: One of the better Lifetime movies.

Greg W (kr) wrote: the second of 2 amazing pics stanwyck did in 1941-it was a very good year 4 her.

Ken S (au) wrote: This Christmas-themed horror film is about a guy who saw his dad totally trying to bang his mom when he was a kid...only his dad was dressed as Santa at the time. Since he has become obsessed with Saint Nick, spying on children to determine whether they are naughty or nice, and even working at a toy factory. But this Christmas he has finally snapped...he gets all dressed up as Kris Kringle and goes on a bizarre spree to hand out toys to kids and murder people that have screwed him. It is a fun oddball Christmas movie if weirdo B-movies are your thing. I think it is more entertaining than something like "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians."

Danny M (es) wrote: This was ok I guess. Some funny moments but nothing memorable like the first film. Would say it's worth a watch only if your a big fan of the first one

Ben B (mx) wrote: One of the best horror comedies I've ever seen, keeps you guessing, laughing, and jumping

Jacob B (it) wrote: Not so great... kind of predictable.