Yup Yup Man

Yup Yup Man

Yup Yup Man is a schizophrenic street man who wants to become a crime crusader like Dark Justice, his favorite comic book. As he focuses on his crime fighting crusade, his delusional traits...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

Yup Yup Man is a schizophrenic street man who wants to become a crime crusader like Dark Justice, his favorite comic book. As he focuses on his crime fighting crusade, his delusional traits... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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KAREN m (br) wrote: I want to see it very badly

John A (ru) wrote: This Is One Of Seagal's Worst Films, Joining The Likes Of Attack Force & Against The Dark. This Film Features Wooden Acting, Which We've Came Used To Seeing From Seagal's Films, Add A Bad Plot, Which Doesn't Come Into Place Till Near The End Of The Film & Pretty Much No Action, And You've Got A Real Stinker.

Dion D (au) wrote: Fantastic fun and a great return to horror for Sam Raimi. This is tongue-in-cheek slapstick horror from the master, but if you want something truly disturbing (and disturbed), look elsewhere.

Mad M (es) wrote: Powerful ending. The focused a bit too much on the wrong characters. Worth a watch, but not the best film out there on the Rwandan genocide.

Antonio T (it) wrote: 3.8/5 Okey, okey. Vaya que fue duro, pero vi Batalla en el cielo, es de las pelculas ms incomodas y desagradables que podrs ver (con unas escenas sexuales repugnantes), locaciones nada agradables, una atmosfera de pobreza y "fealdad" est presente en toda la pelcula. Como siempre, Reygadas no utiliz actores profesionales, y aunque en ocasiones se note esto, da en general un aire natural, fluido y realista a el dialogo y escenas. Su mensaje, que en resumidas cuenta y de manera burda podra decirse que es "Mxico apesta", llega a la audiencia de una manera stil, utilizando todo lo antes mencionado para ello. Es memorable, intensa y aunque s es el filme menos genial de Reygadas, vale la pena. Advertencia: Deben estar preparados y con el humor adecuado.

Matt D (ca) wrote: 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' is a mixed bag for me. Some elements work brilliantly (Hedwig's relationship with Tommy and journey to embracing her identity) while others fall absolutely flat (the subplot about Hedwig's fellow bandmate). The songs though, are an absolute treat and wildly catchy. Color me interested in finally seeing the stage version!

Roncarlo E (ag) wrote: Not a bad film and inspiring.

Ajeesh V (gb) wrote: I will give 4 on 5 for this hijack thriller. The movie might have some loopholes, but it has more than enough ingredients to hold back to your seat.. An appreciable performance from the cast. Execution was good. But i still have the doubt that how they hid an AK-47 rifle inside the flight?? Still remain unresolved... LOL

Peach B (kr) wrote: A real nightmare for anyone actually working in this area.

Karsh D (au) wrote: Whilst they didn't need much help, Norris and gossett jr are really dragged down by the truly awful melody Anderson ( she is great in flash Gordon though). But this treasure hunt tripe makes the toes curl.

Richard P (mx) wrote: I loved this one. It is well directed and it has Christopher Walken. Nuff Said.In my jungle, you'd be just another asshole.

Maxwell S (de) wrote: While the film does make certain mistakes that many will make with their first film, and it does run out of steam, story wise, once or twice. It try's to be very straightforward, but things can get in the way. What it never lacks, and is very consistent with, is it's camerawork, visuals and earthy atmosphere, it's very hypnotic, and possibly the greatest thing about the film. Pasolini is one of, if not, my favorite director of all time. It shows it can successfully create and express raw tension, and can be very distinct at times. It basically charts the changes Accattone has to make in his life, just to live, but nothing seems to be a perfect solution, except for the very end, where he finally finds it, and it's glorious. His next film "Mamma Roma" is where Pasolini truly finds himself as a director, but this is definitely worth-while.

Tara S (de) wrote: Although this is an old film I enjoyed this thriller. A bit old hat in places and has a cheesy ending, the rest of the film holds up very well and has an interesting plot.

Connor F (de) wrote: You get exactly what you pay for. Stallone punches and shoots his way through every scene as though he hasn't lost a beat. Everyone else seems to take a backseat to Stallone trying to make his comeback, but he still does it with enough conviction and rugged demeanor to keep his old school action fans happy. While about as brainless as the title implies, Bullet to the Head shows some people don't get much worse with age, and there's plenty of unapologetic, over the top action.

Logan T (gb) wrote: A solid,if uneven,animated film.

Carolyne D (au) wrote: It would have been perfect without the crude language.

Daniel R (nl) wrote: Average at bestDisappointed

John A (nl) wrote: A Stunning Epic Saga Following The Prescott/Rawlings Family Between 1839 & 1889. Filmed In Panoramic Cinerama This Is A Star-Studded Epic, Directed By 3 Legendary Directors. The Film Comes In Five Sections That Are Seamlessly Put Together And Work Excellently. This Grand Epic Works Excellently As It Covers Very Near The Whole Western Period, & Has Such Great Cast Performances, Excellent Scripting, Beautiful Cinematography And Excellent Direction From Western Greats, George Marshall, John Ford & Henry Hathaway.

Arnold P (br) wrote: The premise of this story is that upon your death, you stay for one week at a nondescript establishment where sympathetic councillors help you to select ONE outstanding memory from your life. Whatever you chose, (if you decide to chose) will be made into a short film, and you will live within that life-defining memory for all eternity. Many of the after-lifers are non-actors and it is their memories that give an emotional weight to this beautifully realised piece; the elderly lady whose wartime memory of dancing for her brother in her new red dress is beautifully poignant; the man who discovers that he has wasted his life by devotion to a job that he hates, and the teenager who cannot chose between a trip to Disneyland and the smell of her mother. Every once in a while, a movie come along that astonishes and delights, and it is for wonderful movies like this that I cheerfully wade through hundreds of hours of mediocre, derivative dross. This is a life-affirming and deeply humanistic meditation on what it means to live a good life. I absolutely recommend this beautiful, uplifting movie.