Zabic bobra

Zabic bobra

A man returns home after a long time. The house is in a bad shape, ruined with graffiti on walls, but it doesn't stop him from staying in. The man has an aim that requires complex ...

A man returns home after a long time. The house is in a bad shape, ruined with graffiti on walls, but it doesn't stop him from staying in. The man has an aim that requires complex ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yash B (au) wrote: If you asked me to describe "Swiss Army Man", I would probably want to tell you as little as possible and tell you to watch knowing as little as possible. about it. It's an endlessly original and truly bizarre movie, but in the best way possible. I think the premise is strange but almost always entertaining. The first act of the movie didn't really grab my interest but once the movie reaches a certain point, I was in and enjoying every moment. The movie has plenty of laugh out loud moments and a real heart at the center of it. It's an immensely humane movie that says a lot about friendship, society, and insecurities. It ends up being pretty impactful considering how absurd and surreal the experience is. Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe both do fantastic jobs here and their relationship is a unique and fascinating one to watch. The movie is also visually impressive and utilizes music in a very interesting way. It's a movie that is certainly not for everyone but it is possibly the most creative movie I've seen in a long time and is bursting with originality.

Laura R (br) wrote: Meh.... We taped it in HBO, but can't stay awake.

Michael M (us) wrote: Inventive technique and sweet story in a macabre arc. Strikingly poetic camera work and dense detailed settings. Fresh, full characterizations, mostly. Some scenes are a refreshing surprise.

Dan M (ru) wrote: A movie about the birth of internet porn? Okay I'm down. Had to say this was really engaging(and not for obvious reasons). Luke Wilson did a bang-up job and the addition of James Caan helps greatly and oh yeah, TERRY CREWS KICKS ASS.

Amy S (jp) wrote: It doesn't look at all new or fresh, but it might be enjoyable to watch on a rainy afternoon.

Steve K (ca) wrote: I thought it was sad and realistic.

Andrew L (mx) wrote: Well acted and interesting, but it just doesn't feel like anything special.

Andr (es) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Zero).First viewing: 24.06.2002

Francisco S (us) wrote: Despite the great cast, Dennis The Menace bring to us a movie unoriginal, with some inexcusable cliches, predictable and really dumb jokes. Bad script and weak argument. Thanks to Walter to bring some funny scenes to this movie

Kathy H (gb) wrote: young and somewhat annoying goldie hawn, but edward albert is total eye-candy in this movie. slightly annoying movie, but one of my favorite to watch when you need a good 70's film

Allan C (jp) wrote: I'd read some so-so reviews before seeing this film, but I mostly wanted to see a young James Cann and Katherine Ross, along with an older Simone Signoret. It's an okay darkly comic film about increasingly macabre pranks/head-games are played by the various characters.

Sean D (au) wrote: For my review of this, "This Happy Breed," and "Blithe Spirit," check out my review of Blithe Spirit :)

Jake O (us) wrote: Want to see what happens next

Jeff H (gb) wrote: A impactful last image makes the movie. I think we need some more Logan Marshall-Green in other movies I almost thought it was Tom Hardy. Slow start, and I almost loaded another movie up, glad I didn't.