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Anna's sister Lena was killed in an accident by the horse Zafir. The horse has since the accident been shut up in a barn, but Anna would like to ride the horse even though the parents are against it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Zafir torrent reviews

Thomas B (jp) wrote: Funny, charming and strange: exactly what you wouldn't expect. Full review later.

Teshia M (mx) wrote: I loved this movie! A must see!

Jenny L (au) wrote: Good movie.Alicia Witt did a good job.I liked it more than I thought I would.

Ramona T (es) wrote: "My remarks, which some bishops found offensive, were deadly accurate. I make no apology. To resist grand jury subpoenas, to suppress the names of offending clerics, to deny, to obfuscate, to explain away; that is the model of a criminal organization, not my church." Frank Keating, Oklahoma Governor, 2003

GG M (es) wrote: I haven't seen this movie in so freaking long but it was really funny .

Brian P (ca) wrote: awesome...kevin costner is the man

Indira S (fr) wrote: filled with such a beautiful details as always

Austin B (ru) wrote: I do not advide watchingh this movie stoned or under the influence of any other drugs. And the way this movie looks, there were a lot of crew members on drugs, predominently the writer-director and editor. Random, and painfully long, dream sequences are thrown in throughout the film, whick must surely rank amongst those memorable sequences in Glen Or Glenda. Fast and slow motion are used so obviously and pointlessly, that, at least in the case of the slow motion, makes you wonder if the director felt he had to slow the film down in order to make it to the hour and a half mark. Rooney hams it up for this role, but still manages to look like a professional next to his co-star Luana Anders. After listening to her whiny voice for a while, you almost want Rooney to kill her off. For all the above reasons, and for the worst production Cyrano De Bergerac ever produced, I proudly induct this film as the lastest member of the Crap-tacular Movie Club. Congratulations and rot in hell.

Brett W (ru) wrote: Very good French revenge thriller. It's great because you want the protaganist to do the immoral thing. Maybe that's just me.

Ross L (gb) wrote: Checked this out mainly for the slight "Mad Men" association: a young Robert Morse vamping his way to the top of the NYC business world. Really though, besides Morse's joyful physical comedy and a few vestigial Bob Fosse choreographical cues, this is pure, frothy Broadway hockspittle at its broadest and most obvious. If you like the musical theatre style of plotting, character, and humour, then this may well be up your alley. Perhaps I'm too snobbish to slum it like that, but I just find the Broadway style to be deeply stupid, sorry. This isn't all crap, but it mostly is. Oh, and if you subject yourself to it, watch for Morse's VP Advertising office: it's decorated with an Eastern Art motif, which is surely being referenced by Morse's office as Bert Cooper on "Mad Men".

Barbara H (gb) wrote: She lived in time working towards real goals and achievements, He lived in the present moment where he was in love, engulfed in her. He kept wanting that same peak of loves's mating call. He drank to keep that feeling. Her need was stability and strength. His need was to find and lose his self in her It was very sad.

Dylan M (de) wrote: This was more of a love story for me, your usual fast car cliche. Worth a watch all the same!

Len W (es) wrote: The critics are so wrong on this movie! It is stunningly good. Will Smith is amazing at holding his normal exuberance in check throughout the whole film, and to great effect once the entire purpose of his plot is known at the end of the movie. Rosario Dawson is brilliant in an understated way. The love story between the 2 characters is portrayed in such a delicate and intense manner, and with such taste as to be astounding. I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Do NOT believe the critics' low scores and complaints. It's a huge departure from Smith's usual bombastic roles, and while the subject matter is grim, it also contains an aesthetic of such a high band wave that it will probably be missed by many people who are simply looking to be "entertained." I'm in awe of the script, the acting, sound track and editing. Highly recommended.

Kashfia F (kr) wrote: I can't believe people didn't like it :/

Kevin N (es) wrote: Not too bad, very forced though, you can tell they tried to pump this out immediately following the success of the first one.

Patrick K (de) wrote: This is a pretty good cop drama and shows the corruption inside the NYPD in many different ways. Freddy Heflin (Sylvester Stallone) is the exception as he wants an old case reopened but in the process makes many enemies trying to get what he wants. This is a very character driven piece and shows Freddy's struggles first hand. Great cast overall which allows the good writing and directing really take hold of the screen