Amidst religious riots, a son deals with his mother's life-threatening injuries, and her last request.

Amidst religious riots, a son deals with his mother's life-threatening injuries, and her last request. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laurie A (fr) wrote: I don't know how they made such a compelling story so damn boring.

Love M (br) wrote: An amateur dud with no atmospheric feel. 11/03/2014

Jennifer D (us) wrote: Awesome movie for any age..But especially those whose children are applying for college and those applying for college.

andi dul r (br) wrote: very colorful movie , I really like and swept into the story . I also read the manga and I think both are very different , cartoon japan have the advantage in terms of story . very fascinating .

Jason H (nl) wrote: From the creators of Napolean Dynamite comes The Sasquatch Gang, a half baked comedy about a group of young nerds in pursuit of proof that Big Foot exists. Viewers will find a few laughs as uneducated Southern rednecks and geeky characters take to the screen. The kids fight bullies using their own weapons and strategies remeniscent of a dungeons and dragons reenactment while young love is found and friendly bonds are made. Justin Long is semi-funny but his partner in crime is rediculous with an annoying idiotic voice that makes it seem as though he is brain dead. The real hilarity comes from the kids themselves.

Amanda D (fr) wrote: There were a few scenes that don't make any sence at all

Brian R (au) wrote: Stupid Spike Lee movie with wall-to-wall nonsense sex, and looney stories. SMH.

Marty F (de) wrote: Nice solid crime movie with a good cast and interesting script.

Nicolas P (kr) wrote: Probablemente sea Hexxus el villano ms espantoso de la animacin, es sencillamente espeluznante!!! con relacin ms a este largometraje, creo que las mltiples versiones posteriores acercan cada da ms a pensar la obra maestra que las personas pudieron disfrutar a comienzos de los aos '90.

Bill T (au) wrote: Very good scare story about a widower musician who moves into a huge historical mansion and almost immediately begins to hear voices. George C. Scott wouldn't really have been my first choice for this but oh well. The film suffers some plot shelving problems, but oh well to that too.

Tom K (ru) wrote: One of Hitchcock's best. A thriller that still thrills after 74 years. Leading man Joel McCrea is an actor I plan on becoming more familiar with after seeing this. The supporting cast is one of the best in cinema and includes strong performances from Laraine Day, Albert Basserman, Robert Benchley, and future Kris Kringle Edmund Gwenn; however, George Sanders and Herbert Marshall are the stand-outs, with Sanders stretching himself beyond his usual smarminess and Marshall giving one of the most complex performances I've ever seen.Hitchcock shows why he's earned his reputation as one of the greatest directors of all time. There are certain shots and special effects in this film that still impress all these decades later. To go into detail would be to give too much away. I went into this film knowing next to nothing about it, and I hope others get to have a similar experience.For the record, this knocks "Lifeboat" out of my Top 5 Hitchcock films, a short-list that includes "Psycho," "Rear Window," "Rebecca," and "Strangers on a Train."

Dinesh P (gb) wrote: An very average film but still it maintains its sweetness.

Richard R (mx) wrote: hollywood trying force there liberal agenda down peoples throats. What ever happened to freedom of religion and the 1st amendment.