Zalmen: or, The Madness of God

Zalmen: or, The Madness of God


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Zalmen: or, The Madness of God torrent reviews

Curtis Z (au) wrote: Fan-god-damn-tastic! If you're a fan of hip-hop, you will enjoy this!

Matt N (es) wrote: Somewhat interesting history but got pretty boring, even if you are quite into preventing climate change.

Saad K (gb) wrote: Eu Cand Vreau sa Fluier, Fluier - If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle - CATCH IT (B+) A Romanian movie about a young teenager, who has spent four years in a youth penitentiary, is granted release. Before he can leave, his mother returns to Romania to bring his little brother to Italy with her, despite Silviu's objections. He meets a young woman, Ana, who is working on a research project in the prison, and becomes interested in her. In his desperation Silviu resorts to violence, and Ana becomes his hostage. The premises and the execution of the movie are really intriguing. This is my first Romanian movie and somehow I found the Romanian music very close to the Afghani music. But anyhow the best part of the movie is its young cast. George Pi?tereanu as rebellious teenager is simply amazing. It's so great to see how he communicates with his brother, mother, inmates and Anna. Through his performance he showed four different sides to his personality. Even though I found his actions crazy as he is so close to getting release for ever but hey it's the script. Once the movie is over all you can think if he just could have controlled himself for another few days. On the whole, it's a really nice movie and shows something really refreshing in juvenile jails otherwise I was fed up of watching rapes in almost every jail movie.

Callie R (nl) wrote: This was a fascinating movie depicting Al-Jazeera's coverage of the Iraq war. It was very thought provoking as they tried to show the pov of Arabs and explain why Al Jazeera showed what it did. This movie is not comfortable viewing. It is also not a balanced view, they are showing the Al Jazeera viewpoint. It left me with many more questions than answers, but I would highly recommend it to anyone who thinks that the U.S. has a monopoly on truth. I'll be thinking about this movie for quite a while.

Jai B (ca) wrote: Awful movie. Characterization was terrible and you just can't connect to any of them and there was no chemistry. The only good thing about this film is young Marion Cotillard and her tight waitress outfit... :P

Jason M (it) wrote: just boring as hell not funny

(br) wrote: Lousy acting but great action

Ahmed G (br) wrote: Incredible movie, Paul Newman was absolutely brilliant.

Chase M (de) wrote: It's actually funnier than I thought it was going to be. I'm a high school student, so I could relate to some of this (even as exaggerated as some of it is).

Kimberly W (ag) wrote: This was another really well done movie. Terribly sad Albus had to die but that's how the story goes.

Ben N (es) wrote: Quiz Show is easily one of the best films you've never seen; it's engaging, sophisticated, suspenseful and very funny in an intelligent, if subtle, way. Go watch it. now.

ld p (au) wrote: She's So Lovely (1997) Good movie about bad people. I mainly rented this because it was John Cassavettes son Nick producing and directing his father?s last script. I have long been fan of John Cassavettes movies even though they are not main street movie fare. Maureen is pregnant and her husband Eddie is missing. Nervous, Maureen shares a couple of drinks with neighbor Kiefer, who tries to rape her and then beats her. When Eddie returns and finds his wife bruised, he goes ballistic, shoots a paramedic and is put in a psychiatric institution. Ten years later, Eddie is released and finds that Maureen has divorced him and is remarried with three children, one of whom is his little girl Jeanie. Eddie goes to reclaim his wife. Ebert made point that it helps going into this movie to realize in advance that the two main characters are "mad" or "insane" Sean Penn said this was one of his best works never seen. He won the Best Actor prize at the Cannes Film Festival for his hot-blooded and heartfelt performance as Eddie Quinn. The movie can be seen to be about the power of love. Those of a more practical mind may see it as a sad depiction of a woman unable to escape completely the lure of sex and self-abuse (from an insane man). I see this movie as kind of a comic-romance. The movie is choppy and spirals downward to nowhere in the last half. This is an ok movie but not a masterpiece. Both Penn's are fantastic in their roles but the storyline and time line in the movie sucked. There's nothing wrong with works that deal with ugliness, even celebrate it. The most profoundly moral of films may be the most disturbing. But when writers/directors/producers trivialize ugliness, turn it into light, ironic comedy, make it nothing more than an occasion for throwaway style comedic/anger improvisation, the film becomes ugly itself. This film was only intermittently enjoyable. three stars

Logan M (es) wrote: More awkward than it is humorous, "Wedding Crashers" feels like a 2-hour long collection of set-ups for better, funnier comedies.