Zamaana Deewana

Zamaana Deewana

With crime flourishing out of control, the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) arranges a meeting of senior police officers to discuss this situation. They are apprised that there are two criminal dons involved, namely Madanlal Malhotra, and Suraj Pratap Singh, who are involved in gang rivalry, which is spreading violent crime throughout the city. At the recommendation of the Chief Minister, a criminal psychologist is sent to assist the ACP, namely Kamdev Singh alias KD., who proposes that instead of tackling the two gangs, he will try to get the children of Malhotra and Singh to fall in love, thus ending their traditional rivalry. His attempts to do so only serve to bring the two families apart even more, it is then Kamdev decides on more drastic action, with deadly and hilarious results.

With crime flourishing out of control, the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) arranges a meeting of senior police officers to discuss this situation. They are apprised that there are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas T (jp) wrote: Adam Sandler is back, and he gives Grown Ups 2 the intolerance he delivers in his incapable films.

Victoria W (fr) wrote: good film. Great acting from the kids!

Alexandra A (au) wrote: Everything is just so, so awful and that's what makes it hilarious.

Simon B (gb) wrote: A sweet film that is set against literally the end of the world. It didn't do itself much favours when it marketed itself as a comedy. Crowds were expecting something completely different. Especially when Steve Carell is the leading man.Here he is the strangely named Dodger. A meek, unassuming guy who just exists. He's not a stupid person but is utterly unaware of what is going on around him. He's not aware his wife is having an affair, or that others see she's so unhappy when she's with him. He even says at one point "I don't know what I want". And you truly believe him. He's downbeat, but not a depressive. He's looking for that certain spark, which he thinks is his ex, but turns out to be a more extroverted neighbour that he's never really met before, played by Keira Knightley. They set off on a sort of quasi road trip to find Olivia, his high school sweetheart who sent him a letter (that through a small setup) he only just received that tells him she's divorced and she considers him the love of her life, just as he's trying to figure out how these last 3 weeks of humanity should play out for him.Knightley character, Penny, has also gone through her own romantic issues by breaking up with her boyfriend, causing her to miss the last opportunity to return back to the UK and spend humanity's remaining hours and days with her family. Hence the road trip is born.The writing is sharp, although a little cliched in parts. While the actors have genuine chemistry, and there are some really tender, and poetic dialogue spoken between them, which explains their characters, and their motivations - Dodger's in particular and his monologue about what happened between him and Olivia. Quite moving.There are some nice little cameo moments. Martin Sheen as Dodger's long estranged father (which is never really played up in as tense-a-way as you might have expected having not seen each other in 25 years. Also William Petersen as a suicidal, lonely truck driver. Both are in it for brief periods, and Martin Sheen's screen time does allow for the overly used rom-com cliche of laughing around a dinner table with saccharine music playing, but you get the feeling that any actors could have played either of these roles.But the lead duo are certainly the centre and driving force of this movie. Quite a unique genre: rom-com, road-trip with the end of the world in just days time. The most sweet moment arguably is when Penny has her phone conversation with her family on the phone. Again, just a short scene but a lot is conveyed through the dialogue and Knightley's reactions. Very well done.However tender and heart-felt the movie is in parts, it does feel like it's lacking something. Maybe a more earnest representation of the upcoming apocalypse. You never really feel like there's a threat apart from the odd on-screen countdown. For my take, you never truly believe it when he tells her near the end that SHE is the love of his life. It just doesn't ring too true. Too convenient, and if they were to try and have a relationship without the apocalypse backdrop, you feel it wouldn't last more than 6 months. They're just too different as characters go. Overall, a charming film with a heavy finish, that does show that love can show up as and when you might not look for it, but this is not the kind of film that will stay with you much after you've finished watching it.

amir h (us) wrote: iranian have good films

Valerie (es) wrote: it was good movie, it reminded me of the pursuit of happiness.

Mert Y (au) wrote: the conflict between rural and urban is wonderfully drawn with powerful and subtle symbols. great shots of istanbul with melancholic characters in focus. a great, quiet, absorbing movie!

Ester W (gb) wrote: Of the posts you show below--the men hated it and the lone women loved it....Go Figure.

Edgar C (mx) wrote: Yang envisions Taipei this time as a perfectly spherical onion with all of its layers, the bad smell of crime and insecurity, the tears in the characters, the multiracial collage it forms and the background of each individual finding its course interrupted by the constant interferences of others. We go deeper, towards the onion's core each minute Yang tells us something, like a rare hybrid between I Vitelloni (1953) and Mean Streets (1973), until the cataclysmic finale.97/100

Akhil A (gb) wrote: Kieslowski's first segment is a story that explores the human behavior post a traumatic loss suffered.The movie boats of a fantastic cinematography with breathtaking photography accompanied by brilliant performance by"Juliette Binoche"as well as the mindblowing musical compositions...

Kevin R (ca) wrote: I collect things from the ocean John is a Navy officer visiting Cooney Island during some down time. He meets a girl named Mora and falls in love. Mora serves in a side show as a mermaid. As John talks to Mora's friends, he discovers her two previous boyfriends turned up dead on the beach. Also, some of her friends think she may really be a mermaid. Is John going to be Mora's next victim and can she really be responsible for these heinous acts? "In the past two years Mora has had two boyfriends and they're both dead now." Curtis Harrington, director of The Killing Kind, Ruby, Queen of Blood, and Killer Bees, delivers Night Tide. The storyline for this movie is quite clever and reminded me of the old Hitchcock classics. The script is clever, the settings are well selected, and the conclusion is fantastic. The movie strings along a little in sections; but overall, this is definitely worth your time. "I figured the easiest way to get out of Denver Colorado was to join the Navy." Night Tide was part of a Thriller box set that my father sent me for Christmas a couple years ago. I was surprised I had never heard of this movie since it starred Dennis Hopper. The cast also includes Linda Lawson, Gavin Muir, and Luana Anders. This movie is clever and well delivered and the overall picture was entertaining. "I'm a mermaid." Grade: B

Bridget K (mx) wrote: Perfection in every sense of the word.

Joy E (jp) wrote: This film proves that the only thing worse than rabid vampires are religious humans... except of course... a christian vampire xDsomewhat "realistic", at list likely, except the part the christian vampire was could think, that's not possible at al. A "what-if" story well developed, the ending fell short... but it was ok

Steve W (ca) wrote: Great martial arts film. Its basically a poor man's "Karate Kid" (1984), but this time the young kid is tutored by the ghost of Bruce Lee (with a terrible lookalike).A young boy learns some karate and beats up some people, including four idiots who attack his gimp father. This scene alone makes the movie worth seeing.Jean Claude Van Damme's only villain role (dual role movies do not count), and his steely glares are reminiscent of Dolph's Ivan Drago from Rocky VI. The few fights spread throughout are a taste, and then at the end we get a lot of cool kickboxing battles.This is the definition of guilty pleasure. The bad acting, the cheesy sound effects and story make for one of the gems of the 80's.