An Army colonel (Devgan) and his commandos capture a dangerous terrorist. The other members of the terrorists' organization hatch a plot to hijack an Indian jet and demand his release in exchange. In Mumbai, ACP Jay (Bachchan) is hot on their trail. He discovers Army's involvement in the case and has to work together with the colonel. However, there are some skeletons in the closet.

Islamic terrorists, backed by Pakistan, boldly attack the Indian Parliament building. The Indian army assigns this matter to Colonel Ranvir Singh Ranawat, who along with his men, apprehends... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Zameen torrent reviews

Alfin N (ca) wrote: Carnegie Mellon is the epicenter of 21st century civilization.

Caroline S (ru) wrote: Sympa et bien dans la ligne de Tout ce qui brille. On s'amuse suivre la petite bande.

Brian S (ca) wrote: Really, really average people battle to save humanity from really, really big bugs. Entertaining, a bit charming and a little naive. It all works to deliver a decent creature feature comedy.

Brgn T (gb) wrote: morale of the story: don't keep secrets from the people you want to be close with

movie fan a (es) wrote: great songs! emotional movie!

Dolores H (nl) wrote: Made me very hungry. Lovely story.

CJ F (ag) wrote: An awful rendition of Tom Robbins' wonderful masterpiece. Crispin Glover and Uma Thurman brought this film to respectability, if you can call it that. They seem to be the only two real actors in the film, even though I love Pat Morita in other roles. Rain Phoenix seems as though she's reading lines throughout the movie-- it's amazing that she even found another role after this one. Hell, based on this film, I could be a screenwriter, director, or actor!So not even bother seeing this film, ESPECIALLY if you have read the book! I wouldn't want you to have any flashbacks of the movie, should you read it again!

Lee (br) wrote: A sequel that delivers more of the same that made the first movie so entertaining. Great fight sequences, painful stunts and some funny moments as well. Much of the same cast return too along with Jackie Chan's crew of fearless stuntmen. The excitement level just drops off a bit during the second half of the film, it could have done with being a bit shorter. A very worthy sequel overall.

Francis M (jp) wrote: The 70's was a time of landmarking films, but Robert Wise managed to direct this one like they did it in the 1930's. It could have been so much better.

Jessica H (kr) wrote: Another Madonna film.

brendan n (it) wrote: a pleasant surprise is all i can say about this film. van damme had falling from grace and chosen alot of bad films before getting there which is sad for this film could of been very popular in he's prime. more then just he's usual action frenzy this is full of interesting sci fi concepts and supporting cast. michael rooker is great in support and provides much needed acting depth. due to the films low budget we don't the full action epic but this is one of van dammes better films and shows that with good direction and clever writing he can deliver something to please he's fans.

Grant S (mx) wrote: England, 1912. Women don't have the vote and one woman, Emmeline Pankhurst (played by Meryl Streep), is trying to rectify that. She is the leader of the Suffragette movement and, after trying peaceful means to obtain their goals, their methods turn more extreme. On the fringes of the movement is Maud Watts (Carey Mulligan), a factory worker. She tries to stay out of the struggle but is inexorably drawn into it. What she sees and endures is brutal, and ultimately ground-breaking.The story of a how woman came to get the vote in the UK is a story of courage and conviction and one that deserves telling. The work of Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffragettes was revolutionary, necessary and ultimately successful. The movie shows well what the situation was like for women at the time and how they achieved their ends.However, it is incredibly heavy-handed in its approach. Every male in the movie is portrayed one-dimensionally, as an ogre and oppressor and unsympathetic to women and their cause. There is not a single likeable, or even non-dislikeable, male in the movie. A bit difficult to like the movie too much when it is so manipulative and unbalanced. Quite dull in spells, too. Pretty much conventional, paint-by-numbers storytelling.