Bored with her marriage to burnt out poet turned corporate executive Thierry, Zandalee falls prey to an old friend of her husband, the manipulative and egotistical Johhny and becomes enmeshed in a sensual, passionate and destructive affair.

Bored with her marriage to burnt out poet turned corporate executive Thierry, Zandalee falls prey to an old friend of her husband, the manipulative and egotistical Johhny and becomes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allen M (mx) wrote: Great movie portraying the old saying you can do what ever you want as long as you put your mind to it. A group of teens teaming up to save a navy seal team.

James C (ca) wrote: A group of kids on a fishing trip find themselves stranded when they boat breaks down, but they think they are saved when a fishing trawler arrives, but how wrong they areAny movie that has a group of 20 somethings on a boat trip being menaced by sadistic fishermen and has Jason Mewes as top billing does sound pretty bad on paper, but this little horror movie isn't actually as bad as you think it is going to be. The characters are generic and like most other horror movies you do not care whether they survive or not. The acting is nothing to write home about and even Jason Mewes plays his character in a particularly wooden way. The basic plot is pretty non-existent, and when things are kind of explained nothing really makes any sense, and the 'seen it all before' ending does feel like the makers are on their knees begging that they will be given the green light to make a sequel. The villains are actually quite a nasty concept, but the way they mumble their lines makes them completely unintelligible in places. Now, everything I have said so far is not painting this movie in a particularly good light, and you may wander why I have given it a middle of the road rating. And I have to say it was the overall feel of the movie that made it actually quite watchable. It starts off like any other generic horror movie, with a few laughs, some annoying teens, a half naked girl, and a couple of weirdos thrown in for good measure, but when things heat up then the whole tone of the movie changes and suddenly you are presented with quite a nasty, gory piece of torture porn, the likes of which I haven't seen since the original Hostel, and I must say it kept me quite happily entertained. If you like a bit of nasty in your horror movies, then this is an ok watch, but if you are not a fan then there is really nothing in this that you are going to like.

Jordan K (mx) wrote: an amazing ensemble to capture such a tricky rattigan play. I have not seen the original an want to for comparison. the use of music was additionally stunning!

David T (it) wrote: As a fan of Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre, I was dissappointed with Gentlemen Broncos. It has its quirky, funny parts here and there, but overall it was just kinda blah. Jemaine Clement was pretty funny as Chevalier. I was excited that Sam Rockwell was in it but he didn't much of a role. This movie needed more clever dialogue and quicker paced laughes. Like if the main role were played by a Michael Cera type actor who would ramble thru his awkward nervousness. Now that would be good... Michael Cera in a Jared Hess movie.

Aman A (kr) wrote: It is so silly, yet so much fun. It isn't laugh out loud, at least not to me but it is a movie I'd watch again and again. Though, I prefer Shaolin soccer.

John Eric D (au) wrote: Now, Paul W.S Anderson wants to prove that he can adopt the movie from the video game's story line and theme. At first I was like, ok, we are getting there. The city as a setting is legit. Jill Valentine is there, okay, I get it. But then here comes the umbrella soldiers, and then Alice shows up with over the top cheesy action entrance where her motorcycle climbs into the air together with that gunshot like she was Trinity or something. I laughed at that and enjoyed it at the same time. I was like, are they doing some parody or sh*t? But anyways, it's their thing. The acting and the dialogue are very horrendous. Like they hired some B-grades actors to fill up the characters. They want to save this scientist's daughter or whatever. With all those sh*tty things happening. The action scenes are enjoyable in a guilty pleasure way. And the visual effects such as that nuclear bomb scene. That was impressive. You are going to enjoy it in a guilty pleasure way and drunk at the same time. 2.5/5

Jill F (nl) wrote: Great humor. Never knew this Disney movie was out there. Glad it is, makes me appreciate the brand a little more these days.

Peter N (kr) wrote: Caught the last 45 mins of this on Sky.. remember it as a kid because it always seemed to be on the telly around Christmas or New Year. Very stylised and historically inaccurate, I'm sure Custer wasn't quite the heroic figure that Shaw portrays him as. But still it's an entertaining Western, although not as good as Errol Flynn's version, They Died With Their Boots On.

Steve W (us) wrote: Phillip Marlowe gets roped into two cases at the same time. A missing woman named Velma, and a valuable jade necklace. Velma's ex-boyfriend is a little on the violent side, and the owner of the necklace is pretty flirty and dangerous herself. Giving us a twisted narrative with solid performances all around, Murder My Sweet is a solid noir film with some memorable characters.

David K (nl) wrote: Russel Crowe in one of his strongest roles, combined with some stunning moviemaking with tremendous scale. Glorious movie!

Frank P (gb) wrote: Star Trek meets 80's America, a slightly tongue in cheek film well worth watching.