In a shabby apartment somewhere in Romania, a man obsessively zap between his TV channels despite the wife's complaints and nagging. But where his wife fails, a little man inside the TV will appear and tell Sotul a thing or two about the true mechanics of television zapping...

In a shabby apartment somewhere in Romania, a man obsessively zap between his TV channels despite the wife's complaints and nagging. But where his wife fails, a little man inside the TV ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt B (br) wrote: It's very funny and Zach Braff's quirky style of filmmaking is sweet, but overall the story of Wish I Was Here has just been done too many times before.

Bettyy R (br) wrote: Nonsense, cheap and ridiculous, I'd like to say something good, but there is nothing.

Burcu S (ag) wrote: The L Word'deki Laurel Holloman oynuyor, daha cocuk filmde. Acikcasi daha kotu bi film bekliyordum, bekledigimden iyi cikti ve yan karakterler vs komikti.

Kenny N (kr) wrote: This film has been badly misunderstood. D-FENS is NOT the hero and NOT the representation of the common everyday man. Pendergast is. He rolls with the punches, takes what life gives him, and tries to make the best of things and do some good in a city that desperately needs it. We spend the movie following both men. Sure, we wish we could all take on gangbangers the way that D-FENS does, or infiltrate the lair of a neo-Nazi sicko and teach him about freedom of speech. But we shouldn't. We should do what Pendergast does. He teaches you what to do. D-FENS is what NOT to do. Whose side are you on? Will you laugh with the sinners or cry with the saints? It's really up to you. Yes, Bill Foster. YOU are the bad guy.

Steve E (mx) wrote: Disgusting ugly little film. Acting was never this easy, just mumble a few words and chop up some body then grind it and feed the beef to the pigs. Gives new meaning to the word dull. And just depressing and plain stupid. My rating no stars.

Brad S (gb) wrote: - Just watched felt really dated this time. The film itself isn't very well made, but Gleason is hilarious and Reynolds just skates by on his charm without doing much. Worth watching at least once though!-Felt like watching a classic from my childhood. Not a great film, but it's pretty fun. Jackie Gleason is sooo funny in it, some of the best one-liners ever. Burt used to be pretty good as well, not sure what happened. Worth revisiting...

Lisa S (kr) wrote: "Success is NOTHING without someone you love to share it with", This is one of my favorite movies. No big budget, but lots of heart.

Jonathan B (ru) wrote: Both Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland are at the top of their games in this brilliant thriller from the 1970s. Fonda plays the role of Bree Daniels, an intelligent but emotionally damaged prostitute who is playing an unwitting role in the disappearance of a businessman. Sutherland takes the role of John Klute, the seemingly cold and dispassionate private detective investigating the case. For both actors, I think that this is probably one of their best movies and Alan J. Pakula directs with a believably naturalistic touch. Fonda in particular is amazing, whether she is in a scene with her tricks or her psychologist, she is captivating and wholly believable in this complex role. The supporting cast have little to do as this film is almost a two-hander although Roy Scheider has a nice role as Bree's former boyfriend and pimp. As the villain of the piece is given away fairly early on, in true Columbo style, this not much of a "whodunnit" but manages to be a suspenseful and taught psychological thriller. In particular, the climactic scene where Fonda comes face to face with the killer is skilfully handled. Set in New York, the city looks as it was in the 70s, a complete collision between glamour and grime and the story makes the best of these settings and the high fashion looks of the era. Klute neither looks nor feels dated unlike many films of this age and remains a well made and brilliantly directed movie, rightly something of a classic of this genre.