In the far future, a savage trained only to kill finds a way into the community of bored immortals that alone preserves humanity's achievements.

In the far future, a savage trained only to kill finds a way into the community of bored immortals that alone preserves humanity's achievements. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt Y (ru) wrote: A moving film about love.

Mike R (it) wrote: Critics ran over this movie, but I thought it was good. There is a simple and funny story, six kids get stuck in an airport. Immediately you think it will be like another Home Alone movie. But it is much better. The movie is very funny and exciting, unlike most kid's movies. The characters are excellent and hilarious. The main character is also the main character in one of my favorite shows, Everybody Hates Chris. The only terrible things about this movie is the acting and the dialogue. Other than that, this is a good movie.

Matthew M (us) wrote: This is one "amazing cast" movies that is mediocre despite the fact that everyone in it is great. It wasn't bad...just meh.

Michael W (es) wrote: This is a textbook example of a Shrek wannabe. Excessive pop culture jokes, pointless scenes that don't add up to anything meaningful, and some not very well thought out jokes. I kind of like the film's message, but I honestly can't recommend this one.

Ian B (gb) wrote: Boring introduction to an unnecessary television series. The most notable flaw was that the animation was horrifying.

Arslan K (ca) wrote: Best movie ever made. You'll cry like a little baby.

Jackson A (us) wrote: Can't believe how many big actors this film had in it. It was an overall okay movie with its good spots here and there but it just felt like a bad version on Chasing Amy.

Stephen S (mx) wrote: Solid Western. Much better than the overrated Coen brothers remake.

Megan (gb) wrote: What I appreciate about this movie is that it portrays Natives in a little bit of a broader view, which was really important for the audience of the 1950's - many of whom may have still been prejudiced towards Natives at this point in time. The film shows that Natives should not be generalized by choosing not to portray them soley as "peaceful, mystical" people, nor as "savages" - as previous notions would often suggest Natives to be. It also introduces the audience to a little bit about the Native American culture of the Apache tribe(s)- though, I have not studied the Apaches much and thus cannot say whether it was all accurate or not. The films also promotes the image of white men and Natives treating eachother with respect, and Audie Murphy's character sets an example for people in this film by treating the Natives as equals to himself and being a friend. The white man is still kind of glorified a bit... there is still an air of that notion that "the white men must help the Natives to live 'properly in society'"... and Audie Murphy's character is a little bit of a Bible pusher in this film... quoting, and telling stories from, the Bible a few times throughout. But even though this film had it's flaws- overall, this is a pretty good movie for what it is; and fairly balanced, as well. As for the overall enjoyement factor of this movie, it's more of a dramatic movie with focus on the story; those expecting more action and excitement out of this Western might find it a bit lacking. But if you are a person who likes a good STORY, then you'll probably find this film to be interesting- as I did.

Marcelo R (ru) wrote: Una sorpresa, no esperaba que me gustase tanto.

jay n (nl) wrote: Good film could have been great with better male leads, the female stars are excellent though.

Francisco A (gb) wrote: The empty script is filled with good action sequences and eye-catching visuals.