Zatoichi and the Fugitives

Zatoichi and the Fugitives

Zatoichi runs afoul of some evil fugitives, working for a corrupt law official.

Zatoichi runs afoul of some evil fugitives, working for a corrupt law official. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Zatoichi and the Fugitives torrent reviews

Carol N (br) wrote: A horrible film that only a perverted, unhinged person would like. Should be banished from the earth!!

Steve L (es) wrote: Interesting idea but a bit weak. Not very scary really!

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Frances H (mx) wrote: Although a bit slow and hum-drum at first, this sweet little film grew on me. The immediacy of the video-taped quality made it remind me of an episode of Britain's Coronation Street. An enjoyable view.

Chris D (nl) wrote: this is an absolute must see for any sci-fi fan over the age of 25. it's really funny, and if you're a sci-fi/90's b-movie fan like me, you'll love it!

Danny K (kr) wrote: Incredibly sleazy, some inventive scenes however!

Allan C (ag) wrote: Bland comedy from famed TV writer/producers Jerry Belson and Garry Marshall. James Garner and Debbie Reynolds play a married couple who accompany their hippie son to Europe in hopes of rekindling some romance, but end up flirting with others and consequentially making each other jealous. I love Garner and Reynolds, but this film is a real dude and only watchable due to the likability of the stars.

Donovan K (mx) wrote: What a marvelous story. F. Murray is beyond belief.

Oku A (us) wrote: Some people might say it's Heston w/a bad accent and Olivier in black face. they're right but this is tsill one of my favorites. "Oh Beloveds! Did I not promise thee a miracle?"