Zatoichi's Cane-sword

Zatoichi's Cane-sword

Zatoichi, while fighting off the usual group of gangsters, meets the apprentice of the swordsman who created his blade, who relays bad news about the sword.

Zatoichi, while fighting off the usual group of gangsters, meets the apprentice of the swordsman who created his blade, who relays bad news about the sword. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Farah R (ca) wrote: Lame doesn't even begin to describe how boring this movie was. And to be certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes is baffling. I've watched movies a milestone better than Kings Of Summer that barely made it to a Tomato. There's hardly anything funny about it except how stupid a couple of lines from the script were. What a shame this movie was ever made.

Aysha B (au) wrote: The best Indian film I have even seen! Amazing film :D loved it

Jorge R (ag) wrote: Toilet humor with kids, is funny right?... no!

Kai P (mx) wrote: thought this was a pretty silly movie. turned it off half way through. unhealthy dysfunctional berating relationship.

Muffin M (fr) wrote: While excavating in the Dordogne Valley of France, a scientific research team's new invention, a time-travel machine, has inadvertently sent archaeology professor Edward Johnston (Billy Connolly) back to 14th century France...and ha landed him in the middle of the raging Hundred Years War between the French and English. Johnston's only chance for rescue lies in the hands of his son Chris (Paul Walker), his assistant professor Andre Marek (Gerard Butler), and several of his students. The intrepid time travelers must make the same treacherous journey and, with the deadline of only eight hours now ticking away, must navigate through the hostile, war-torn territory and retrieve the professor before he's lost to history forever. also stars Frances O'Connor, David Thewlis, Anna Friel, Neal McDonough, Matt Craven and Ethan Embry.directed by Richard Donner.

Senor C (ag) wrote: Ive watched Doctor Detroit a number of times over the years but Ive never laughed @ it. Sure it has its charms but it's not all that funny. I find Dan Aykroyd can't carry a movie on his own. He needs a side kick like John Belushi or Chevy Chase to accentuate his comedy. There is a decent supporting cast in Howard Hesseman & the girls are lovely but the script is void of good comic material. Maybe I don't find this trashy enough as Aykroyd is going to be the new pimp it town. Some nudity would have been nice. It was a big bomb @ the show & they even advertised Doctor Detroit II : The Wrath of Mom but since it tanked so badly it never came. Even though Ive never been too trilled on this entry I would have watched a sequel but I doubt that it would have been very good..I would have given it a shot anyways especially if Devo did the theme song.

Luke K (br) wrote: jimi rocks and thats all you need

Orlok W (ca) wrote: More to this then meets the eye--A nice little gem from Denmark!!

Kaitie D (de) wrote: Even being dated now, year later, Hackers is one of my favorites that I constantly rewatch. Though maybe not a technically great movie, the style and characters are fun and who can resist some lovable rebels going against the man and taking down some bad guys.

Evan F (mx) wrote: This rating is absurd. "In the Mouth of Madness" is one of the finest horror films ever made. Not just of Carpenter's films (although it is definitely one of his best), but of all horror movies. Very very few horror movies have ever actually scared me. This one did. Big time. Shut up, Rotten Tomatoes. 100%.