Zduhac Means Adventure

Zduhac Means Adventure

Our heroes are high school students spending an unforgettable summer, full of adventures, on their way to a big rock festival. Producer Sava and director Žarko Babajić are filming an extreme sports commercial with Marija and Sindi. Mysterious “Zduhach” “refreshes” Uroš and Nenad with some local “kleka” juice. Stolen identity makes new rapper star G Spot Tornado angry, so things get even more complicated.

The main characters are high school students who spend an unforgettable holiday full of adventure, on the road to a large rock festival. Producer (Marko Živić) and director (Nikola Kojo) recordeds TV commercials in extreme situations with Mary (Elizabeth Orašanin) and Cindy (Katarina Ilić). A "Zduhač" (Nikola Pejaković), becomes the companion of heroes Uroš (Vujadin Milošević) and Nenad (Zlatan Vidović) "refreshed" the juice of berries. Replacement of identity, the new star of the tail G Spot Tornado (Srđan Todorović) leads to a hilarious new plot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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