Zebra Crossing

Zebra Crossing

Set amongst the backdrop of the towering, concrete-clad estates of south London ‘Zebra Crossings’ blends a diverse mixture of characters that all share one thing in common: The incredible loneliness of living alongside 7 million other people.

"From the moment I was born I cried for a month..." Eighteen years on, and Justin is no nearer the truth. And in a world that increasingly doesn't care, maybe just simply relying on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sergey G (ag) wrote: Just a bad movie. Thought it would be good because Sean Bean was in it, proved to be wrong. It reminded me of Bangkok Dangerous(2008) only worse and that is saying a lot considering that Bangkok Dangerous was not a good movie.

Ana M (jp) wrote: Sacando a Cary Elwes (que tampoco es una cosa que descolla con su performance) vayan todos a una academia de actuacin... Y sobre la historia: la vimos mil veces, con final torcido included. No se las recomiendo.

George K (gb) wrote: A funny albeit flawed look into the bizarre world of religion, instead of looking for answers Maher goes straight for bullshit-free debate.

Paul H (ca) wrote: so far so dull, and bloody, most of the budget must have gone on bright red stage blood. John Griffiths lent me this this is the second most boring film he lent me!!

Joshua B (mx) wrote: A Classic romance comedy, with a twist.

Shannon R (jp) wrote: I'm a sucker for Topher Grace. He plays the same character as always but it still entertains me.

Joe C (ag) wrote: This film is both a great story and a nice work of art. It sets out not just to entertain, but to illuminate a particular facet of life.

James Z (us) wrote: Ambitious enough to be interesting, porny enough to be arousing and disturbed enough for a lot of confused boners.

Bob L (br) wrote: What the hell was going on in John Fords head?!! This would have been a 4 star rating. Ricardo Montalban and Richard Widmark portray a story that explains the exploitation and degradation of the Cheyenne people, using foreign language and with a very mature angle of no subtitles or hokey accented actors. All goes swimmingly with decent acting, great cinematic vistas and good story telling, UNTIL... about an hour an a half in, we cut to an unrelated story in Dodge City with James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy and John Carradine portraying a comedic card game between Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp which blusters it's unwelcome way through about 20 minutes before jumping sharply back to Widmarks quest to help the Cheyenne tribe. Crazy. I suppose Ford thought that the film needed a moment of light relief. How wrong. What should have been a classic, ruined.

Zack B (jp) wrote: I have now seen two Rosi films and have this to say about both of them: despite their portrayals of events that might now seem dated, these films retain an immediacy, an urgency to acknowledge the power games that are played in all governments, past and present. Hands Over the City is a powerful film that urges us to be cognizant by filming shady dealings in opulent rooms, the black and white cinematography acting like a stark x-ray of the ugly interior of political surreptitiousness. Rod Steiger is the outlier of the film as he was a noted Hollywood actor acting in an otherwise documentary-style film, but his involvement in no way detracts from the overall message. On the contrary, Steiger gives a poignantly restrained performance where all of his character's thoughts are reflected on the claylike malleability of his face. He stands as the ominous monolith to deception and unadulterated avarice that the film so nobly and thoroughly attacks. Rosi is an important filmmaker.

Mark S (de) wrote: Cracking little film depicting the start of the 2008 global financial crisis. Well worth a watch

Hicham Y (nl) wrote: Rachel Weisz performance is award wining one.

Anna B (es) wrote: Painful to watch at times as we see the main character, Toby (played by the consistently talented Leonardo DiCaprio), suffer through verbal and physical abuse from his stepfather, Dwight (Robert De Niro). This film presents a realistic portrayal of a marriage gone wrong and how familial abuse is unfortunately more common than we think it is.