Man leaves the country and heads for the big city, where he wins a lottery.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:30 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Man leaves the country and heads for the big city, where he wins a lottery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Zézero torrent reviews

Daniel M (us) wrote: Some are amazing, some are stupid as hell. Which side is the winning one? Sadly, the bad one...

Johanna J (au) wrote: this movie was slow in the beginning. it picked up in the last 15 minutes of the movie when. everything was coming together. by then though you already knew what was going on.

Carlos I (us) wrote: Way to long and drawn out, and pretty corny and heavy-handed, but there are a few good moments in this far fetched post apocalyptic tale.

Giorgos V (it) wrote: Pragmatika perimena na do mia malkia kai misi. To ergo einai aksiologotato me poli kalous dialogous....kai skinothesia apo tin Madonna (ki omos)

i C (gb) wrote: 7,5/10nice alternative ending

Adnan A (ca) wrote: Desi Tarantino? desi shit is what this is. As with most Indian movies with big names, this turned out to be very poor. The story is bad and the characters are all weak. Then bollywood forces in a love story ( very poorly conceived), just so we all know this is an indian movie. All the actors were also poor, with the exception of Akshay Kumar (I even tolerated his sudden transformation into a desi version of spiderman in a fight sequence). Even the action was not that entertaining. So I am glad Indians finally made a crap movie flop (but Faisal still likes it...and then expects us to respect his taste...my friend your taste simply sucks, wake up already!) Overall, pathetic.

Kirk K (ca) wrote: Three interesting portraits of life in occupied Iraq from the perspective of a Shia, a Sunni and a Kurd. Very intimate, with moving narration by the subjects (many of them children).

Francisco A (fr) wrote: Improved on story, action and special effects, and has such a close approach to the game's atmosphere that a true Resident Evil fan will unconditionally love this movie.

Esther L (mx) wrote: Emily is a 14-year-old girl who has a passion for music and is good at keeping secrets. She sets up a booth promising to keep secrets yet give advice on how to solve them. Young neighbours queue up to seek her advice. She bonds with many of the neighbours, especially 12-year-old Phillip, from whom she discovers a horrible secret. The secret leaks out and Emily finds herself in a lot of trouble. She makes up for her mistakes and reveals a secret of her own. This movie is a heartwarming story about keeping secrets and chasing your dreams. As you watch the events unfold, you'll begin to realise that life isn't always a bed of roses. The truth hurts, but learning to share the truth with the ones closest to you will help ease your pain.

Amanda F (gb) wrote: garbage. what the hell were they thinking?

Benedick L (mx) wrote: I over look a lot of independent films. Especially ones that are clearly either made for tv or have been directly transferred to dvd. This one, produced by Meg Ryan, puts doubt into my preference as this is actually quite a good film. Don't get me wrong, it's not the next best Leon but it does one hell of a job. Partly due to Kiefer Sutherland who is perfect as the anithero in this story of a hitman. Stories of lone hitmen always intrigue me as it is one of the most interesting character progressions in film stories. Look at Leon just as an example. Both films have a woman that ultimately changes their perception of life. While Melora Walters has more of a secret agenda to Mathilda's motives, the parallels are quite obvious. I don't wish to compare this film to Leon any further as it is easy to do this. Hitman film comes along...what's it like compared to Leon. Well they are both stories of hitmen and they both have women that change their lives. That's it. This is film is very character driven and wants you to get involved with the characters and there are quite a few characters to focus on. If you have your wits about you, the ending doesn't really come as a surprise but hopefully satisfying none the less. See this film if, like me, you are prejudice about films being transferred directly to dvd or made for tv and are looking to open your eyes a little.

Alexi T (ca) wrote: i can't believe this was actually good!

Kim B (br) wrote: I was obsessed with this movie as a child! Get up Shadow!! lol

Rob L (us) wrote: A powerful war film from the reliable Peckinpah, whose slow motion techniques - made famous by The Wild Bunch - are perfectly suited to the medium. Set in the Crimea as the Wehrmacht retreats in the summer of 1943, the breakdown of morale and cultural and class differences between officers and men send out a strong message. It's unrelentingly male of course and a scene involving a platoon of Russian female soldiers is unsubtly drawn, even if the Germans get their comeuppance in the end. It's also gut-spillingly violent - so Pecknpah provides few surprises there. The eastern front provides an ever broad palate for film and literature. James Mason plays a major role but Max Schell and James Coburn are the leads in a movie that quotes Brecht at its conclusion.

Jeff Z (us) wrote: Good title song, second rate Elvis flick (still better than a 3rd rate Elvis film!).

Brandon W (jp) wrote: Caddyshack is one of the 80s classic films that I wanna see for quite some time. So when I finally get to watch it, I felt a bit disappointed, but I still thought that it was a really good movie. The plot is just there, and the comedy is a bit hit and miss for me, mostly a hit that is. The golf scenes are entertaining to watch, and the gopher scenes are cute to watch which I really had a hard time thinking that it was either real, or a puppet. The characters are really good, and the script has some memorable lines. The acting is good, especially Rodney Dangerfield who is having lots of fun in this. There's not much to talk about for this, so I just enjoyed a bit from this, even if it wasn't as great as I thought was gonna be.

Eugene Y (de) wrote: Shit! Nuff said. Actually I wouldn't bother giving a review about it, but I just had to, cause it's shit! 50 cent as the main actor just doesn't do any good to the movie at all, in fact it makes the whole movie dull and boring, no expression at all. The only good thing is Robert De Niro, which is a waste of good actor. I watched 20 minutes of it and that's it, I couldn't stand watching for another hour of it.

Al M (us) wrote: The Tomb of Ligeia is another highly entertaining Poe adaptation from Roger Corman that features Vincent Price in the leading role. As with the bulk of Corman's Poe adaptations, The Tomb of Ligeia is only loosely based on Poe's story "Ligeia," yet it remains a classic piece of horror cinema that magically manages to maintain the spirit of Poe as do so many of Corman's films from the 1960s. Vincent Price is awesome in his role of the mournful widower who remarries in an attempt to replace his miraculous, deceased wife. In this film, Corman expands upon Poe's story with mesmerism, evil cats, and reclusive studies of Egyptology in a way that makes a somewhat creepy and always hysterical adaptation of Poe that fits well alongside his other Poe classics like The Pit and the Pendulum and The Fall of the House of Usher.

Brian R (jp) wrote: Jules Dassin is the master of the hiest genre in "Topkapi". I found the film rather entertaining particularly the great hiest sequence which is reminescent to Dassin's early picture "Raffi". The cast is pretty good. You got Melina Mercouri, Peter Ustinov, Robert Morley and Maximilian Schell who reminded me of Daniel Day-Lewis.

john j (br) wrote: very good until they tried to make a slightly funny movie into a depressing one that had no real plot or basis for doing so