Zi mei qing chou

Zi mei qing chou


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Zi mei qing chou torrent reviews

Ellie L (nl) wrote: second time around... up a 1/2 star... now that I know more about the background. sorry that it is gone

Irene S (es) wrote: a cute romantic comedy about a young writer who falls in love with his barista and goes as far as memorizing her facebook page so she loves in love with him.

Nick B (us) wrote: Simple storyline but very funny and well put together worth a watch and plenty of toilet humour.

Steven M (de) wrote: I never expressed my overbearing love for this fantastic film. Now you're gonna get it. In this film we follow Morgan Freeman, playing as an aging, down-and-out actor who's known for being in "those Ashley Judd movies" while researching his role in a grocery store. He comes across a sharp-witted and electrifying Paz Vega, and becoming compelled by her attitude towards well, everything, he abandons his work to follow her wherever she goes throughout her dismal day. In terms of plot there's very little, but with such a strong duo it's easy to forget what they're actually doing. It's absolutely fun watching Freeman play as himself, while Vega gives Selma Hayek and Penelope Cruz a run for their money. I can't say it'll please all, but if you're into Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or The Life Aquatic, give this a go, because like these films, this one carries a unique vision.

THEdjpluto (es) wrote: Life's not going too well at The Cocksucker Residence. And it all goes hilariously, tastelessly over the top from there! Or downhill depending on your point of view.

Alexis K (ca) wrote: ...Sarcasm a la Claude Chabrol!

Rick R (gb) wrote: On Any Sunday (1971)This documentary was created by Bruce Brown who did the movie, Endless Summer (1966), one of the best movies ever about surfing. On Any Sunday is a movie that never gets on TV, cable, and is difficult to find on DVD, so if you get the chance to see this one, take it. You won't regret it.This movie is about motorcycles and specifically about motorcycle racing. It features many of the different kinds of motorcycle sports from dirt racing, flat track, to road racing (Super bike racing), to desert racing.It features many interesting characters in the motorcycle racing scene of that time, such as Mert Lawwill, David Evans, and Malcolm Smith, as well as movie star, Steve McQueen. But the biggest star of this movie is the photography. Bruce Brown shows lots of slow motion and close-ups of all the action and the pounding that rider and machine have to go through to test themselves, many times just for bragging rights and a little trophy.On the DVD, Bruce has a section dedicated to Steve McQueen, who he got to help finance the making of the documentary. I highly recommend you seeing this.

Christian M (ca) wrote: Another fab JC flick..who in their right mind would fall for Jack Palance?

Andrey B (it) wrote: Wonderful movie albeit predictable. But you just follow its story with a great pleasure filled with oustanding cast and memorable performances. You just don't want it to end.

Jake A (de) wrote: This psychological drama has a strong lead performance, a solid supporting cast, it looks great, I like how well the past and present are edited so seamlessly and it generally isn't boring but the plot, script and pacing was just not all that enjoyable plus character motivations are never built upon leaving me more in bemusement than anything else.

Diego Martn (ag) wrote: Un drama ,que la historia no me termino de gustar. 5/10

Ben P (au) wrote: What was once a somewhat charming movie has been overshadowed by these over-exposed yellow blobs. Yeah I am sick of seeing minions everywhere. But that shouldn't effect the rating. The simple fact is that Minions is an awful sequel. BANANA WAHAHAH LOLOOOO Your enjoyment of what I just typed is a good idea of how much you'll like this movie. Minions is pure nonsense with few jokes anyone above the single digits can get enjoyment out of and the story simply doesn't work with these bland characters. Minions is a spin-off we didn't need.