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Lena C (ag) wrote: This was one of the most terrible movies I have ever seen. A complete waste of my time. Let me list what was so awful about it:- there was a dog. how did the dog survive atomic radiation???- the editing was atrocious - why was everything brightened?!- the ending scenes were cheesy as flip and completely irrelevant- Petra. All of her acting made me cringe. I felt uncomfortable throughout the film. What is up with her constant seductive smile?- How is a philosophy teacher having an affair with his student? Isn't he meant to be measuring moral code as his profession???- How can he possibly pull off dropping her grade throughout the movie without being fired?!?!?!??!- why does the movie end with Petra's face?- why does he shoot himself? actually does he shoot the sandwich? - that seems more probable given the rest of the movie's terrible plot

Kshama M (it) wrote: A truly enthralling story about Aamir, a london based doctor ,who is forced by circumstances to return to his country-India, to his family.With his mind brimming with plans of a peaceful life with his dear ones, aamir sets foot on his native land, but fate had other plans for him....Aamir falls prey to the hands of an unrevealed terrorist group which has held his family hostage and demand proper execution of their orders by the man himself, whose life comes to an unexpected stand-still by the sudden turn of events with him travelling around absolutely alien places and baffling lanes pf the city with his brain only buzzing with thoughts and apprehensions about the security of his family.Aamir is a movie about a person trapped in the horrific, life-threatening war of religion, the battle which has gripped the nation since time immemorial and has taken unnumbered innocent lives. Aamir is one such Indian who becomes a victim of thisinhuman struggle of a few cowardly fanatics who demand the superiority of their religion at the cost of thousands of lives and emerges triumphantin it. The beauty of the movie lies in the fact that it delivers a man, who initially takes pride in saying-"I am a common man. I live for myself",as a man whose thoughts take a sharp turn on the bridge that connects life and security with the ultimate end of a mortal.The transformtionin Aamir's character dons on the audience as they behold the distressed man cling on to death with a sign of relief on his forehead as his lips curl into a smile. That last scene with Aamir emracing death with the spark of enlightenment in his eyes and a blissful smile on his facesaid it all...there was a man who had been hit hard in the face with the truth of life in one single nightmarish day- a couple of hours ago hisonly motive was securing the lives of the people he loved and feared to lose,he had lived and had perhaps hoped to live on peacefullyfor his selfish self and his family; now, in a matter of a few seconds, there was a drastic change in the very intention of not just his life but also to his death. One day of his life and the whole series of events that resulted in one man's struggle to rescue hisblood relations from the strong clasp of death, made Aamir surrender his life to the sole ruler of man-to deathfor the sake of a hundred people about whom he did not have the remotest idea but was related to by a much stronger bond-the unseveredbond that binds one countryman to another. Aamir derived immense and unaccountable satisfaction in dying so that many others could surviveand was happy that he would finally rest in peace after a day which had agonized him to the very limit of breaking up,morally. Had helet the people die with himself managing to escape the law, there wouldnt have been a single day in his life which he wouldnt hav spentregretting his own life. At the very threshold of death, Aamir was contented that he had made the right decision and had chosen death in stead of opting for a life worse than death itself.Aamir is a movie which will move you to the core. A must-watch for everyone who simply adores a simple yet hard-hitting movie!

McKenie L (it) wrote: Terribly boring. I couldn't finish it.

Ethan R (ag) wrote: Absolutely devastating. The filmmakers show the humanity and the strength of the refugees and of all those who try to help them. I wish it were longer so that it could give more attention to the US role.

Dan M (kr) wrote: it's really just a japanese version of 'I Spit on Your Grave' with a different twist(the main character having a love interest). it's mostly crappy, but if you're a guy you can appreciate the countless topless scenes with the hot japanese chica in this.

Kev (es) wrote: Great movie. If you haven't seen it, you haven't lived.

John W (fr) wrote: Thought it was an interesting movie. I was compelled to watch the entire thing.

Daniel V (de) wrote: I gave this movie a B-

Matt S (ru) wrote: Though this took place in an abandon building the whole time I still think it managed to be suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat. I thought the performances were strong especially from Melissa George but they really didn't have much of a strong script to work with but managed to come through. This movie ended with a bang but I can't help but to think that this has been done before in several movies but it's definitely one of the better thrillers out there to rent so give it a try. Overall it's not so fresh but it's a well done thriller and it exceeds at that alone and it's a good way to kill an hour or two. Recommended!