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Tuomas R (it) wrote: Williams on loistava Marilyn muuten aika "meh"! Muutkin amerikkalaisroolit olisi kyll pitnyt miehitt amerikkalaisilla brittien sijaan. Kaiken kaikkiaan tst j vhn sellainen keskivertoa kalliimman TV-tuotannon maku. ***- /5

Michael C (fr) wrote: An absurd premise about a U.S. presidential election coming down to one vote that provides some good opportunities to satirize the American political system, unfortunately poking fun at the Democrats and Republicans with broad and obvious jokes only go so far before they get repetitive and we're left with an underwritten movie that doesn't fully succeed in blending family drama and political satire because the former is too schmaltzy and the latter lacks teeth.

Daniel S (gb) wrote: Didn't really know much about this, but I saw it had Kelly Reilly and Michael Fassbender and was from the director of Woman in Black so figured it couldn't be that bad, ugh was I wrong, i mean kelly and michael are good actors, and they arent bad in this, but it's an ugly vile movie, often just being repulsive for its own sake, the whole set up of just some punk teenagers being mad at this couple was stupid, and then it just goes all downhill, dont waste your time with this

Ashley T (gb) wrote: Self indulgent "writerly" writing made this painful to sit through.

Adam T (gb) wrote: A signature performance from Frank Sinatra as a drug addict musician trying to make good.

Chuck N (br) wrote: It makes me feel good knowing we live in a world where movie titles like this can exist.

Augustine H (mx) wrote: How different is it from Casablanca?

Dan B (jp) wrote: People who say that this movie is campy a negative have completely missed the point. This movie is so entertaining that anyone who enjoyed the evil dead movies or adventure movies will love it. If you haven't seen it, it is required viewing.

Hannah R (de) wrote: All I can say about this movie the acting was good, despite the fact I couldn't understand the dialogue.

JeanPaul S (ca) wrote: It's just bad enough to be entertaining, but should have been even worse to get more laughs out of it.

David S (de) wrote: Hitchcock is an interesting tale of the great director and his creation of one of his most iconic films, however, it veers off-track and loses interest at certain points. Hopkins does a fantastic portrayal of the director and the chemistry between him and Mirren is perfect for the married power couple. Without proper delving into the genius of Hitchcock, this film skims most ideas and does not create a real eye-opening of who the great man was and how he came to be. It is an interesting tale, but does not deliver on its promise.

Yo T (gb) wrote: ?? (R)?,'>????,?

Luke L (ru) wrote: all this film really is. is Romeo and Juliet witch came out a year earlier, but just added Titanic