The true story of the investigation of 'The Zodiac Killer', a serial killer who terrified the San Francisco Bay Area, taunting police with his ciphers and letters. The case becomes an obsession for four men as their lives and careers are built and destroyed by the endless trail of clues.

Based on the actual case files of one of the most intriguing unsolved crimes in the nation’s history. The movie follows a San Francisco cartoonist who becomes an amateur detective obsessed with tracking down the Zodiac serial killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer S (ag) wrote: I loved it. I really enjoy true stories and the beautiful scenery too.

Micah B (gb) wrote: Annimated documentary

Austin G (au) wrote: The movie suffers from going back in time to see other peoples' vantage points way too much. Unfortunately, it can't go far back enough to where you don't put the disc in your player.

Grant T (jp) wrote: Believe me Val Kilmer isn't as bad as expected, and Schumacher's first go around at the batman films is an entertaining one with solid villains

Dominic S (au) wrote: Mermaids is one of the best mother-daughter, "don't make the same mistakes I did" movies I have seen in my life.In Mermaids, Mrs. Flax has been in and out of love for a while and she and her two young daughters have been moving from state to state every time she would dump or be dumped by the guy she was currently with. This story takes place in a small town in Massachusetts. Mrs. Flax (Cher) lives with her 15-year-old devout Catholic daughter Charlotte (Winona Ryder) as well as her younger, future Olympian swimmer, daughter Katie (maybe around 6-8, Christina Ricci (in her film debut)).When they begin to settle down in this small town, Mrs. Flax meet Lou (Bob Hoskins), a shoe shop owning, baseball loving Italian. He is charming, generous, and completely loving towards and very interested in Mrs. Flax. What's better is that her two daughters really take a liking to him as one of the family, well mostly Katie, while Charlotte still dreams about meeting her real biological father.The film gives us three different generations of women that all show the viewers how differently females are capable of acting at those different ages and yet how similar they are as in their mother daughter connections.I feel like this is the better version of a mother-daughter film when compared to the film The Perfect Man starring Hilary Duff and Heather Locklear (which I saw before seeing Mermaids, I'm sorry but its true).I truly enjoyed this movie. Even though I am not of the female gender, I was moved by the emotion and the driving love I witnessed through the great acting that Winona Ryder and Cher performed.This is one of the best (true) mother daughter movies I have ever seen.Mermaids, I give you an 80%,

CJ C (br) wrote: So tedious... I cant believe with this amazing cast the movie still bored me silly. Ok, DArnazJr is the writer & VPrice's brother is the lunatic who has been locked up in the house for 40 years, now you guess the plot...

Private U (mx) wrote: Images and atmosphere scoff at all other qualities! This could only be a French film. Take it as art, not a "movie".

Mayukh B (us) wrote: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Adam P (fr) wrote: A movie that will offend your intelligence, but for some it will awaken their humor.

Harry W (ca) wrote: The thing that makes Crumb such a powerful documentary and separates it from every other documentary in the world is simple: Its subjects are open to everything.The people chronicled in Crumb do not hesitate to discuss such complex personal subject that would normally be deemed antisocial, such as sexuality and mental issues. Its people are all so interesting and very incredible human beings, and Terry Zwigoff makes sure that we understand and know this with his insightful and Academy Award calibre documentary Crumb.Crumb begins by revealing to us who Robert Crumb is, connecting him to the film adaptation of his famous comic strip character Fritz the Cat and then having him disconnect them himself by revealing his distaste for the film. Soon after it explores him in many ways: As a child, an adult, an artist, a person with a strong sexualisation and best of all, as a human being. Crumb never objectifies its main figure, Robert Crumb of his family, and it doesn't objectify his works of art either. It takes a sympathetic look at him, his complicated family and his artistic mind, and Robert Crumb tells all without people having to force it out of him like in an interrogative interview. He is clearly a very open and humane person with real problems, and he uses the medium of his art to express his emotions in a comical and entertaining way. Crumb is a documentary that not only teaches us about Robert Crumb, but art as a whole. Narrow minded people can view Crumb and broaden their understanding of the world of art, while wide minded people such as yours truly can even have their minds expanded by Crumb. Crumb gets into its subject matter deeply and reveals so much about Robert Crumb and his life that honestly, 9 years of Terry Zwigoff's work are deserving of such utter acclaim.There is so much to be said about how insightful and interesting a documentary that Crumb actually is, but you must see it to feel it and to learn to embrace the figure that Robert Crumb himself really is, as well as the genius mind behind all his art, even if it may have minor moments of being stale. The life in the film is the life of Robert Crumb himself, and the classical music incorporated into its style is just the cherry on top.

Jimene M (gb) wrote: I really enjoyed this story. The mistrust between Superman and Wonder Woman does not make sense and is only there to provide an action scene. Other than that, the story is good. This is the reboot Supergirl story pre - New 52 (the latest DC comics reboot). Fun to watch the DC trinity (Supes, Bats, and WW) all in action together.

Abel D (jp) wrote: At times a little too maverick, Zemeckis still delivers a darkly fun time. Even when the script indulges, writer David Koepp sprinkles enough chuckles in his script, aided by our charismatic main duo. Streep and Hawn really running with their supernatural catfight for all it's worth, and it is a treat, while Willis, against type, whimpers in the corner.