Zoku Sugata Sanshirô

Zoku Sugata Sanshirô

Sugata returns to prove his judo mastery in a match against Western opponents. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle G (fr) wrote: Just when this movie gives you hope in humanity it turns around and rips it right back away from you. Then restores it again.

Michael T (nl) wrote: Sleazy melodrama pushed the envelope way back when.

Darin P (gb) wrote: Poorly scripted, poorly plotted, horrendously acted, if you can call it acting, and abysmal special effects. Give this one a miss.

Alyan H (ag) wrote: an amazing film!!! Simon pegg is amazing as usual

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Hans J E (nl) wrote: Good video. Good song.

James H (us) wrote: Enjoyable Bowery Boys nonsense. The boys are up to their usual antics, this time in a haunted house.

Calvin C (gb) wrote: I actually wanted more musical numbers considering Busby Berkeley directed this. The movie is more of a romantic comedy than a full-pledge musical. It is still fun to watch.Grade: B

Freddy M (au) wrote: The wolves were waiting at the door when this film was released in 1975. Now that time has passed, and Reynolds, Shepherd and Bogdonavich no longer have huge targets on their backs, you would think perhaps a re-evaluation of this admittedly bold enterprise would be in order... Unfortunately the sad truth is this cast just can't sing or dance, and in the process truly butcher some classic Cole Porter songs. Bogdanovich directs the camera with skill, but his story is unconvincing and his script doesn't possess the wit and charm he thinks it does.

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