Zombie A-Hole

Zombie A-Hole

Zombie A-Hole takes place in a world that's a bit different from our own. A realm that teeters on the edge of sleaze and comic book stylized awesomeness. It's Planet Terror meets Sin City meets The Good The Bad and The Ugly. All the men are hard-asses, and all the women are bombshells. Just because vengeance is your way of life doesn't mean you can't look damn sexy while you dole out hearty doses of whoop-ass. Everything is just a bit bigger and more interesting than their real life counterparts. This is a an exploitation flick with a southern gothic flair. Written by Dustin Mills

The creators of The Puppet Monster Massacre bring you a grindhouse spectacular filled with blood, boobs, special fx, and southern rock. This is the story of a religious cowboy, a lost soul,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vikas N (br) wrote: Hasee to phasi .... ek word mein "bindas"...wuz a very unintentional visit for me to this jolly good flick . Thought of givin it a casual shot n Voila! An almost perfect boundary from Vinil! Yeah maybe a little clichd backdrop but an utterly fresh texture; realistic, heartwarming n genuinely woven. Siddharth sparkles and Parineeti rocks the show consecutively on the fourth go :). From sidharth's meek attempts to wake up his father in law to PC Jr's antics, from the airport breakdown to Manoj Joshi's stellar support; this flick eludes liberal emotions and innocence that stays with u. Again the biggest asset being the fact that this new gen/young movie doesn't rely on lewd humor, robe hazards n why now "lipsticks" to lure you. Instead it serves you a platter of thoughtfully crafted moments that you'd love to take your dear ones to. Neverthless a strong unjust I felt about the climax..A seven year bond indeed cant succumb to a week old acquaintance.. :(

Valentin G (it) wrote: une ptite comedie romantique qui a le merite de traiter d'un sujet different. Sympathique a regarder, Pascal Elbe sexy, et Pilar Lopez de Ayala qui meriterait d'etre plus connue en dehors de l'Espagne.

Vincent P (br) wrote: One of the worst I've seen in a looong time. As each minute trudged slowly by I found myself actually getting angrier and angrier for wasting my life on this tripe.The characters have to be some of the most annoying and clueless ever in horror moviedom. Oh, and let's not forget to mention the mute girl who regains her voice for that "clever" one-liner at the end and not earlier when it could have done them any good. (rolls eyes)Then of course there's the "heroine", as brought to life by an actress who couldn't deliver a single line with any type of conviction and whose character then puts on war paint to sledge hammer us over the head with the fact that the script suddenly decided she'd become a bad-ass. Puh-lease. These schlubs had me rooting for the roving band of cannibals.

Francisco L (kr) wrote: Original story with a great script and good cast, Thor brings to us a little predictable narrative but with great performances by Chris Hemsworth.

Gwenyth L (es) wrote: It made me laugh...but it was cheesy and horrible all at the same time...

Adeel K (de) wrote: first time a good hindi film with new story and style.

Lupine S (us) wrote: O_o freaky yet.....somehow.... yeah no...just freaky.

Edgar C (kr) wrote: Godard's constant self-centered intellectualism overflow and his constant cascades of artistic, philosophic and cinematic influences have never been a problem to me. Even if he wants to use cinema as an artistic medium to transform the dialogues, the characters, the references and the landscapes into a repetitive reflection of his own perception of the world and the meaning of art in life, such perception is fascinating. His ideas have a tremendous depth which only flaw is not to listen to the ideas of others. I suppose that being a genius comes with a prize.But that's not the issue here.Week End (1967) and La Chinoise (1967) would be two of his most flawless, brilliant and impressionistic masterpieces of his whole canon. Both share a sense of disaster and turmoil, and both focus more on the impressions caused by the symbolisms and the imagery. Le Mpris is the first film to rely on this visual technique to explore the psychology of the characters. Does it work fully? Not quite! Despite how ahead-of-its-time it looks, it doesn't seem to work because dialogues drag. The situations do not drag, as some claim them to do, but the speeches. Characters seem to be reiterating points already stated. But if they keep talking, that probably means that they haven't really gotten to the point. But the point remains the same. But they keep talking, and the scene keeps rolling. Trr never drags. Godard dragged, and there was no point in repointintg out the pointed out point.Was this a stepping stone? Maybe it was, but maybe Godard himself realized that the impact caused by the style of Le Mpris was never totally justified by its ideas, even if they were metafilm... heck, even if the movie starred Fritz Lang himself!I won't deny how perfect Bardot's body is in spite of her face, and how epic is to see an Expressionism/Noir master to participate with what I think were his own mental contributions, but this ambitious style would finally find its proper place in 1967, not here, even if it was pretty much worth it. After all, some of us are suckers for stories about frustrated relationships carried out completely by a tiny cast, dialogue and engaging performances. This is not Linklater's "Before Trilogy". It goes beyond just because of the handful of topics it deals with regarding art and business, and that's an undeniable achievement.86/100

Jonny P (de) wrote: After being led to have a very high expectation for this film (from my college roommate who probably hasn't watched this movie since 1992), I was very disappointed by Cloak & Dagger. This movie cannot be considered a family movie since it lacks content for anybody 12+ years of age and therefore must be considered a kids' movie. Henry Thomas falls short of his acting quality in E.T. All of the acting is mediocre (a la Home Alone 3). I did like the plot twist with the old married couple but other than that, this movie made me very aware that I was watching an 80's kids movie.

Sarah T (nl) wrote: I really wanted to like this movie! I could not get into it at all.

Steven N (br) wrote: The animation was awesome but the plot would be predictable for the older audiences. Still a good watch though.

Megan N (gb) wrote: Almost as good as hunger games

horse c (au) wrote: How The West Was Lost