Through interviews and recreation, Zoo tells the story of "zoos," or men who "love" animals, through a group of men involved in the fatal incident involving man-horse love.

A look at the life of an Enumclaw, Washington man who died as a result of an unusual encounter with a horse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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007 W (mx) wrote: This movie is terrible

Patryk C (fr) wrote: It perfectly reflects the feel from the video games, and amuses with its silly humor and mind-bending, totally random scenes of utter chaos. Ace Attorney's mysterious cases are actually pretty obvious to be figured out after a few minutes, yet they still bring a lot of fun. With likable, weird characters, fantastic costumes, smashing special effects, and memorable intensity attached to the courtroom sequences, Ace Attorney is one of the most successful game adaptations ever.

Sean D (jp) wrote: This was a pretty fun film. Decent acting. A bunch of no-names. The CGI wasn't intensive. A little bit of the sex factor involved. Action and comedy pretty good. Awkward random graphic violence. Fun plot. Pretty good film.

Matthew A (de) wrote: From the same people that brought you Tokyo Gore Police and The Machine Girl, I thought this movie would sate my appetite for blood spraying from wounds and dismemberment. Unfortunatly, it did not. In a weird turn of events, they tried to focus on the story (whatever story you can get out of robot geisha assassins) and downplayed the violence somewhat. Will still get your fill of weirdness (ass/armpit swords and machine gun boobs) but don't expect all that over the top gore you come to expect.

Robert H (br) wrote: I had never heard of this film when I found it. But like I often do, I thought I'd give it a chance. 1 in every 50 films that fall into this category end up being recommendably good. This is one of them.The film has a decent cast with Clea Duvall, Timothy Hutton and Chloe Sevigny all putting in fantastic performances. And this is truly a performance driven picture. Not a lot happens so the cast must push the film forward with dialogue and limited physical acting. SEMI SPOILER - The film has a multi faceted ending that came out of nowhere and raised the film to a higher level while still managing to leave me with a few questions (I felt what was said was not reflected in what was shown).For those looking for action or gore, despite the name of the film, there isn't much here for you. This is more about tension, emotion and piecing together a story little by little.Check it out if you get the chance and like the more psychological, cerebral thriller over the octane adrenaline blood fests.

Quiche E (gb) wrote: Pas besoin de longs discours pour faire passer un message ! Bravo

Cory E (au) wrote: A dull sequel with predictable acting and flat direction. It is, however, more entertaining than the original.

Caitlin L (es) wrote: Even funnier than the original if that's even possible. They have their characters nailed.

John N (au) wrote: Decent 80's high-school movie

jesse p (gb) wrote: Does Iron Age Man Still Live Out There? Guess WHAT THEY FOUND OUT! (Due to the shocking nature of this review NO-ONE UNDER 17 is to view this!) Yes one of my favourite movies easy...And likely the best film from this whole Italian Exploitation or Cannibal Genre but the film is also a poliziotteschi (Italian Crime film). It mixes the two genres to make this epic blood splattered Cannibal film. And it's directed by Legend Umberto Lenzi who is known for his 70s work in the western world. No doubt Cannibal Ferox was made to comeback the successes of Cannibal Holocaust, But Lenzi also wrote it as a Crime film to keep it fresh. It begins like always in NYC in 1979 and a drug user Kid Barracks is going to buy some drugs off his dealer Mike Logan only to find two mobsters that have informed him that Mike has fled town owing over $100,000 dollars in drug debts. After questioning him they shoot him for dead. In South America two siblings, Rudy and Gloria, with their friend Pat, prepare for a journey into the Jungle to disprove that Cannibalism is just bull shit only the deeper they get the more terrifying it becomes. Then they run into Mike and his friend Joe who claim they were attacked by Cannibals who enslaved them. But Rudy doesn't quite believe his story until they find the native village but only find old natives. But what stops them from leavening is that Joe has comedown with a massive fever. Meanwhile back in NYC LT. Rizzo is on the murder case trying to piece together what happened but finds a bigger Story then meets the eye. Haha this movie rocks the bad side is that they don't back these kind of films anymore and Umberto Lenzi really knows how to make us enjoy ourselves while watching this Crime/Cannibal film. The true negative side is that it get's slow but it does take more then one watch before you love it. No doubt this was made based on the success of Holocaust there is even another turtle scene. The acting isn't too bad and you have to love the dubbing! Haha it's horribly cool. The music is so funky I don't know if I should call that the greatest intro of ALL TIME! The special Effects are out of this fucking world... We see people get there dicks cut off and EATEN!!! People are attacked by natives and EATEN!!! People have there eyes cut OUT!!! And the list just goes on and on. Some really nice settings and sets as well as Jungles. Some amazing looking SAVAGES!!! OH YES real Animals are killed on CAMERA>!!! Here are some facts I found Advertisements still claim that the movie is banned in 31 countries, even though several countries have lifted the ban since it was first printed. Giovanni Lombardo Radice used the stage name John Morghen to make audiences think Cannibal Ferox was more of an Americanized movie rather than an "obscure foreign film". The Australian title "Woman from Deep River" was made to cash in on one of Umberto Lenzi's previous films, Il paese del sesso selvaggio (1972), which is known in Australia as "Man from Deep River". Like Cannibal Holocaust (1980), this movie contains several actual animal killings. Though his character kills an animal in the film, Giovanni Lombardo Radice strongly objected to the animal killings and refused to participate in them (a double had to be used). Director Umberto Lenzi tried to convince Radice to do the killings by telling him, "De Niro Robert De Niro would do it," to which Radice responded, "De Niro would kick your ass all the way back to Rome." When filming the death of the wild boar, Giovanni Lombardo Radice nearly severed the hand of his double. Although Radice refused to kill the pig himself, a shot of Radice slashing the knife downward was needed to show that his character killed the pig. (The shots of the pig's death were later spliced in between.) To create blood splatter for this shot, Radice's double, who actually killed the pig for the film, was to hold a bowl of fake blood, which Radice would then stab. However, the double held the bowl from the bottom, and when Radice stabbed the bowl, the knife went through and cut his double's hand badly. Because of this accident, Radice saw himself as possibly "avenging" the pig's death. From the films initial release, pre-VRA in the UK there have always been 2 very different versions of the film, which were both released by Replay Video. There is the uncut version, and another version which is heavily edited -- including the cutting of all cannibalism, the close up of John Morghen's castration, the eye removal, the arm removal, all detail of animals being killed, Zora Kerova's death and Meg Fleming being kicked in the face. The uncut video has no picture on the front cover - only a warning of possible offence. The cut version has a picture of bones in a bloody puddle on the front. As the 'video nasties' that were prosecuted applied to all videos with the same title, both versions were removed from the shelves and no longer available. By the end my final verdict is recommended and I think everyone should see this if you love horror Crime or gore.

John P (mx) wrote: I didn't finish watching it, but whatever. It was shitty to the point of hilarity and made Plan 9 From Outer Space look like a mild disappointment.I guess I just wasn't in the mood for shit.Sad, I suppose.Or... Not.Fuck you.

Glen O (it) wrote: Howard Hawk's final film is sadly not one of his finer moments. It's hard to believe that the man who made the Western masterpiece Red River also made this. Wayne is good and the train heist at the start is well rendered, but the supporting cast are uniformly bad with the exception of Jack Elam as the grizzly Phillips. The females are particularly poorly handled and the writing and styling create the impression of women from the late 60s wandering around in the old west where they don't belong. Perhaps the best thing about the film is Jerry Goldsmith's score.

Mary M (kr) wrote: Quite surreal, it's difficult to keep track of what's happening as real life, fantasy and flash backs are blended together. None of the synopses I've read really capture the feel of this movie. I suppose this movie is more complicated than a couple of lines can lead you to believe. One of those movies that leave you thinking long after it's over.

Steve W (us) wrote: A methodical and precise crime thriller, and maybe almost a masterpiece. One of Melville's lesser known films, it creates a world and universe of crooks, thieves, and police all in one action filled story. At a lengthy two and a half hours it may be a little long, but a very rewarding and tense heist film from Jean-Pierre Melville.

Pamela D (de) wrote: I never would have thought I'd go for a romance film, much less one this old, but William Inge's heavy, hard-hitting, story of unrequited love is so much more than that. The irony of Splendor In The Grass is that only strongly emotional viewers can truly appreciate its truth and tragedy, yet if one is too emotional, she might not be able to withstand its eventuality. Ingeniously written, it's about cruel irony, repression, what happens when we don't communicate that which is most important, to those who are most important to us, and how our enslavement to practical considerations can have tragic results, making the world a pointless, senseless place where all is for naught. Lately, this film becomes more relevant to me than ever and I can't watch it without falling to uncontrollable tears at it's striking, soul-crushing ending. Everyone who believes in love should be made to watch this movie before they fuck up their lives.

Bruno V (es) wrote: Good enough for a couple ot laughs ... not every situation is funny . Nr 2 is ready , so it can be really bad heuh ?

Simon C (au) wrote: Take a shot of vodka every time someone says "Ethan".

Nick P (mx) wrote: This was one of the most boring biopics I've ever seen. So dull and from Clint Eastwood? The makeup was noticeable, the cinematography was blah and uninspiring, the directorial structure was nothing special and rather muddled. Even Leonardo DiCaprio did not impress at all. He' s one of the greatest actors and his performance was full of recycled tics and facial from Revolutionary Road, Inception and Shutter Island. Skip this one.

Scott R (nl) wrote: Entertaining and fun to visit all the cities, but it was weak and contrived.