Clear the runway for Derek Zoolander, VH1's three-time male model of the year. His face falls when hippie-chic "he's so hot right now" Hansel scooters in to steal this year's award. The evil fashion guru Mugatu seizes the opportunity to turn Derek into a killing machine. Its a well-designed conspiracy and only with the help of Hansel and a few well-chosen accessories can Derek make the world safe.

Movie tells about handsome model guy Zoolander who comes from a family of miners. One day he leaves the house to the city, joins the community of pompous magnificent model that also fraught with danger. In the first contest, Zoolander lost to Hans . He is lured join a plot to assassinate President of Malaysia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angela K (de) wrote: Although quite interesting, this was a long movie. Father and son embark on a 3,000 mile journey by car to Mecca. Father and son have very little in common and I felt as though I was in the car with them feeling each of the 3,000 miles right a long with them.... It had the potential to be an excellent movie but I found their emotions to be rather blase' (Is that a French word?)... Perhaps some of the finer points were lost in translation as I thought the subtitles to be extremely simplistic. I will have to say the French actor Nicolas Cazale is a beautiful looking young man.

Walter M (kr) wrote: In the beginning, there was the hiccup... That is a very small disruption to the natural order in "Hukkle" in a small farming village where there is a long standing relationship between the humans who work hard for what they have and the animals which they care for and occasionally become lunch. The largest disruption is also the money shot of the film. Aside from that, the film is pretty much minimalist in observing the day-to-day details except for one sequence that cuts from a man eating to an-x-ray of him to a doctor's office.

Kristina K (kr) wrote: Wow. One of the most shocking endings I've seen. Very realistic, raw, well written and acted.

Scott W (it) wrote: Not bad, from Kevin Smith, with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Raquel Castro is cute.You could see how green affleck was as an actor

Christopher H (de) wrote: Short and sweet, "FernGully" packs more beautiful animated imagery and life lessons into 72 minutes than most films fit in twice that run-time. The voice acting is high caliber, with Robin Williams, Tim Curry, Christian Slater, and Cheech & Chong offering up some exceptional voice-over. Original for its time, this family favorite provides some memorable tunes, iconic animation, and a story that still teaches valuable lessons two decades later.

Aswin W (it) wrote: Looks so average afternoon movie. Not quite sure it was meant to be funny as Matthew Modine act as wack dysfuctional med student slacking his studies with his eyes to a girl he likes. Bored me few times and laughed once perhaps its for viewers who are interested to become a doctor or surgeon.

Robert W (de) wrote: so so take it or leave it!

Patrick S (de) wrote: chuck norris... nuff said. i want a round house kick to the jaw!

Art S (fr) wrote: The pairing of W. C. Fields and Mae West proved to be less funny than I hoped but there is still something compelling in seeing these two larger-than-life personalities come head-to-head. The plot about a mysterious masked bandit who is making it with Mae while the rest of the town is after him (except fall guy sheriff Fields) is incidental. Fields is daft and full of witty repartee and some physical comedy. West is sly and full of double entendres. But nothing is really laugh out loud funny or subversive enough to tease the censors. The punchline comes at the end when Fields says "come up and see me some time" and West uses the title phrase, but I reckon their earlier solo films are better.

Timothy H (fr) wrote: I still like it but I think the first one is better when it comes to the effects but as for what it is it's still ok with me.

Rorshach S (jp) wrote: A fast-paced, engaging thriller that I'm surprised is disliked so much.