Tim and Alexander are best friends. Tim would really like to have a girlfriend and Alexander would like to do better in school. Together they design the perfect plan, all they now need is a cordless kettle, a tiny robot, a blueprint of their school and 100 surveillance cameras! »Zoomers« is a story about friendship and espionage.

Two boys and an electric kettle, a robot, 100 surveillance cameras and a girl named Thea. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mette Marie K (au) wrote: I chose "Arundhati" for "debuting" in the Telugu film industry (Tollywood)... It's been several months now, that I'm maundering about watching more regional Indian films, and I had actually thought I was going to slowly "train" myself with Siddhart's Telugu films. But I'm very happy now, that I chose this film. Despite the fact, that I'm certainly not very familiar with this film industry, I think that the film is a good representative, and a good beginning for inexperienced people... of a curious nature. That's because it's just totally exaggerating - but it's still good. haven't seen The House of Flying Daggers, sadly, but that's why I bursted into laugh seeing that drum dance sequence. Oh yes, colourful scarves playing the drums... Additionally, there's tons of pink-looking blood, a good-looking, but evil because of evil voice Sonu Sood, and a lot of mythology. Plus a language, that I do not understand at all. I felt drawn back to the starting time of my passion for Bollywood, at least I thought, that I probably felt quite similar at that time. Thrilled, though not as thrilled as I was by Hindi, which I began learning very quickly, I listened to the dialogues and admired the squiggled letters. I learned one word already, actually: "Raa" meaning as much as "come". Leading actress Anushka Shetty, whom I obviously do not know ("Arundhati" was not only my Telugu debut, but also only my second south-Indian film, after "Bumbai"), fitted her role perfectly, but if she's really talented, I can't tell, as her role consisted of over-acting, mostly. Same for Sonu Sood, but as I already know him from other films ("Dabangg", "Jodhaa-Akbar"), this performance of his is only another plus point. It's namely quite different from his other roles. All supporting actors were all right, most of them over-acting grandly (by the way, does the fakir speak Hindi sometimes - it seemed as if?), only the fianc is quickly forgotten. Music... the aforesaid drum dance number did actually impress me, beginning very still and vulnerable, but then getting angry and fast, which is a great achievement of the singer. Otherwise, I don't recall any other fancy songs. Now, let's focus on the last point: Special-Effects. Honestly: I found them very brave. Many Indian films of this kind just focus on "scary" background score or similar, but here they really tried to build a mythologic world of horror. Seemingly, they didn't have the best technical facilities (or maybe it's a matter of the budget), but just that giving-it-a-try made an impact on me. It is trashy, but lately I often find myself as a fan of (good) filmic trash, so nothing of this was annoying to me. Rather amusing and entertaining. And about the blood; well, though I had already often read reviews and articles about south-Indian cinema, I was still "surprised" by the floods or seas of blood, but I had a sense of humour about it. Yes, that's absolutely possible. Especially, when the blood is pink. Okay, the coconut-stoning was really a little crass, but you can look the other way for a while. You see, I could write much more about this adventure of mine, but particularly I can recommend it to everyone, except for the weak minds. As I've read somewhere: "Do something you haven't done before, every day". A great advice, and I try to follow it, really. Of course, watching an unknown film also counts, that's something new as well, but why now get over yourself and jump into the cold water of a new film industry? (PS: A Hindi-remake of this one is also planned).

Ayushya K (jp) wrote: I came to this movie expecting nothing and I went ut the hall laughing my ass off...............very heartening especially all NRI's who'll be able to relate to the film!the higlights-the surd rappers hands down!

James H (it) wrote: Not as successful as similar documentaries, such as Spellbound and Wordplay because the people in this film were just not as interesting. Watchable but not very memorable.

Deborah W (it) wrote: I don't remember much but i think I like it.

Marko E (br) wrote: Oh look, it's Hercule Poirot!

Sasha S (nl) wrote: Interesting movie...I've never read the book so I don't know how it compares. I think that the male lead could be a bit more fit but not bad chemistry between the two.

Michael M (it) wrote: Jaws definitely did not deeded a sequel.

Laura N (it) wrote: John Barrymore and Carole Lombard are great in this screwball comedy . They both play actors who are ALWAYS acting even in real life. I found it very funny, that John Barrymore, one of the best actors of his time, played such an meladramatic ham.

Lilianetty l (es) wrote: I must say that original films have something the remakes don't. And I say this film will have something unique forever: The make up and charisma. I enjoyed the film, it was an amazing ride. I wasn't scared, since for me it dosn't look as an horror film, is more like a Thriller film with some bits of drama in it. Plot: Since I cannot spoil anything, since the remake is coming soon (not exacly yet LOL), I can only say something lives in the house and needs of somebody to get out and be free...Will Sally survive the madness? Will Alex believe her love one? So many questions, all answers on the movie! Watch it or wait till the remake get's to a theater near you or to DVD :) Acting: For a 70's film, the acting is quite great, is kind of inspiring really. Pedro as Francisco was ok, same William as Harris. Jim as Alex was the most charismatic in his role, and nailed it. Kim as Sally was great but defenetly, I did not believed when she was scared and screaming. She somehow looked like she was still learning how to be shocked and look scared. Did not like that, but in general, the cast did great, some needed more skills and time, and yes, I loved the actors behind the make up, creepy XD Music: The score was amazing, it was set in the right moment and space. Stars for the musicians who made a wonderful scary score. To end this review, 4 stars of 5. It may look like a slow film at first, but the rythm is there, you just need to be patient, and follow the story-telling, cause the ending was the part I wish in the remake STAYS THE SAME. I know it will sound awful to say that, but that's what makes the ending so great. Enjoy and HASTA LA PROXIMA AMIGOS/AS! CHAO! BLESS YOU ALL!!!

Connor B (it) wrote: Nothing more than a stupid action film that could have been a great tribute to the classic monsters

Zachary R (au) wrote: This was a good movie that was also directed by Clint Eastwood about a man who is retired assassin from a service agency. But is thrust back into it by his wonderful boss named Dragon, when a real good friend of his is killed trying to deliver a virus vaccine. He is told that one of the the spy's who killed his friend are going to be climbing the Eiger in Switzerland which is a huge and dangerous mountain. So, Hemlock, the man on revenge, is going to take the job and try to "sanction" that means kill the supposed spies while climbing the dangerous mountain. This film has a pretty good solid story that is entertaining and Clint Eastwood does fit the main role of Jonathan Hemlock as well as George Kennedy as Hemlock's mountaineering buddy Ben Brown. The real treat for this movie is also the climbing sequences, which are bar none, to me, still some of the best in the buisness. So, if you love espanoge films with great visuals this one is for you. 8 out of 10.