Zorro's Black Whip

Zorro's Black Whip

Popular latter-day serial queen Linda Stirling starred in the title role in this well-made 12 chapter serial produced by genre specialist Republic Pictures. Stirling plays Barbara Mededith, a pretty girl who takes over her murdered brother's crusading newspaper. She also assumes the dead sibling's identity as "The Black Whip," righting the wrongs of Crescent City very much in the manner of her famous ancestor, Zorro.

Hammond, owner of the town's stagecoach line and a leading citizen, is opposed to Idaho becoming a state, and kills Randolph Meredith, owner of the town's newspaper, for endorsing it. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monny M (br) wrote: What was the point of this movie? Rhetorical quetion.

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Steven R (it) wrote: While it's not as good as the play, this is a really good film adaptation of David Mamet's masterpiece. The dialogue is rich and complex, and the suspense will have you on the edge. William H. Macy delivers the best performance here, while Debra Eisenstadt does the best that she can. I found her performance to be a bit flat, but it gets stronger near the end. This is one of those two characters/one setting films, so for some, it may require patience. For everyone else, it's a treat. Directed by David Mamet.

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