Zulm Ka Badla

Zulm Ka Badla

Young and attractive Geeta lives a fairly wealthy lifestyle along with her mom - Savitri, dad - Colonel Rajesh, and brother - Bunty. The family decide to have a get together with the Verma ...

Young and attractive Geeta lives a fairly wealthy lifestyle along with her mom - Savitri, dad - Colonel Rajesh, and brother - Bunty. The family decide to have a get together with the Verma ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen S (au) wrote: Not sure why there are so many lame reviews for this.. I found it to be quite engaging, smart and well crafted. Highly recommended to anyone interested in the more surreal stuff out there.

Carlos S (fr) wrote: A must see to all the basketball lovers.

Pat T (ca) wrote: Pleeze, this is an art house put-on. The long, agonizing pauses which are meant to pass as true-to-life awkward moments are sooo studied and sooo forced that I felt like I was watching a satire of French Cinema 101. I didn't find this film at all realistic. I just can't think of any situations where people who are attracted to one another stand unnaturally close to them and say nothing and then part. Eventually these two lovers, who represented unrequited love to the extreme, do go to bed in a dark room where we see so little of them that once again we are left (pardon the pun) in the dark. French cinema is often masterful with nuance but this film wasn't among those. Ultimately it was boring. The only animated scene was the 80th birthday party for the patriarch, but even this scene lacked spontaneity. I hate to say it but I ended up regarding the director, another woman no less, as something of a fraud.

Dave J (jp) wrote: Monday, January 31, 2011 (2009) Elsewhere THRILLER/ SUSPENSE/ MYSTERY Watchable straight-to-rental Nancy Drew like mystery thriller about a couple of missing teens and the one looking for one of them who is the stars best friend! Expect plot holes, logic and the fact that viewers may be able to guess the perpetrators doing this before the star herself even knows herself! 2.5 out of 4

Mariana M (it) wrote: pretty dumb...but what do you expect.

Doug M (kr) wrote: Give me a break. I'm pretty sick of all this 9/11 bs. You brought it on yourselves, you let it happen, you've blown up other nations because of it, just let it go now.

Mike L (de) wrote: A film that accomplishes the rare feat of being made for no target audience. Any attempt at comedy and satire just comes across as stupid and annoying. A wandering plot with a constant mind-numbing background chatter of beautiful women who stream in and talk much like the Big Mouth Billy Bass. About the only parts that were mildly amusing were that we never see the "groom" until the end and that it is so androgynous and looks so much like Liv Tyler that it is no surprise anyway. I would also say that the equilivant would be the Gere/Hunt match, no real difference there. Really bad movies usually have one bad line made at a time of utter disaster for the main character to highten the drama that comes out of utter air. In this case Shelly Long tells Dr. T during his daughters wedding disaster that " while she loves him, she is quiting to become a pastry chef." There is no need for this line, it is stupid, and is meant to build up false emphaty for Dr. T during his most down time.

Carlos M (ca) wrote: Though nothing special, this is an efficient thriller with the kind of subject that could have actually been made into a better movie had it played as a psychological drama. Still, It is nice to see that Schroeder manages to make it seem real enough despite its most ludicrous moments.

li b (gb) wrote: I finally saw (most of) this on TV, a mere 26 years after its release. It goes without saying that I'm viewing it with different eyes/perspective than a late 80s audience would have, but I do think the commentary on class and opportunity actually does go beyond the obvious/surface. This helped me overlook the dubious 80s workplace romance plotline. Good enough.

jay n (us) wrote: Dumb spoof of slasher films. Half a star for the lineup of old pros they managed to corral into this mess.

Dana N (es) wrote: Another western B-movie turd.

Cameron M (br) wrote: It could use some fat-cutting but rising above some of its limiting material, Mrs. Doubtfire is a spectacle showcase for Robin William's talents as well as a wonderful character study.

Millo T (fr) wrote: Good ideas about the relationship among human and gods... About the rest, not much interesting.