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Bijan J (us) wrote: Oh look its B movie inception

Seme V (fr) wrote: Try sitting through this in one go. Didn't think so. Watch it though.

Greg W (ru) wrote: interesting take on the bard

Christina A (br) wrote: Seen it's alright. :-/

Sean C (es) wrote: Better music, acting, characters, and cinematography than you get in most movies like this. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ron C (us) wrote: This movie takes us through a journey that challenges our mind and fills our heart, if we simply let. The music is exceptional, while the story is complicated and unyielding in its twist and turns. At the end of the day, it leaves us emotionally feed and intellectually challenged as it confronts our own struggles between our dreams and our reality. Many of us, at least at some point in our life, have struggled with our own desire to escape our reality and weave our lives into our dreams. This movie takes us on such a journey.

Bruno L (ag) wrote: What the hell was that?

Graham M (au) wrote: A film notable purely for how unnotable and unmemorable it is.

Brandon R (de) wrote: This movie was one of the low points in Bruce Willis career without a doubt. This piece of cinema garbage from the guy who did die hard?? wow

Adam R (au) wrote: (First and only viewing - 11/29/2011)

Jarett B (fr) wrote: Let me state something briefly: I do not "get" Chinese humor. It's that simple. As I feel in many martial arts films: "just stick to the action!" Ok, now that my chest is clear, the first 20 minutes of this film is a combination of exposition (another thing I hate) and slap-stick style comedy. Now, take everything I just said and put it out of your mind. Ready? In all my days, I do not know if I've ever seen such an amazing display of martial arts. Yes, I've seen some beautiful choreography and direction, but Once Upon a Time... needs to be seen to be believed. Granted, there are a lot of cutting tricks (and possibly reverse photography) but the sheer ... imagination of the fight scenes is, without a doubt, beyond belief. Honest, you will not believe half of what you see. Just get by the opening 20 minutes and you're home-free.

AD V (au) wrote: Not as memorable as The Bird with the Crystal Plumage but this was the early days when Argento was still trying to find his voice in the Giallo world. It's a bit overlong and the ending is shockingly abrupt (It reminded me of Vertigo) but there's just enough twists and humor to keep it from becoming boring and James Franciscus and Karl Malden play off each other very well.

hannah b (ru) wrote: An wonderful British comedy. Centred around the area of Pimlico in London where an unexploded WW2 bomb about to be recovered is set off and below uncovers a cave of gold and riches and will that it belongs to Burgundy; a historian also makes the discovery that the people of the area are burgundians making it foreign soil. This causes quite a stir amongst the residents however they are all proud; however they are soon invaded by 'tourists' all over London and people wanting to make a few extra bob, and with even more disruptions and running out of resources the tight knit community work together the clear the problems up. Its a sincere, down to earth and interesting film which keeps a good pace. The cast is superb including charles hawtrey before the carry ons, Margaret Rutherford from miss Marple and the brillaint Stanley Holloway making it a witty classic and such a light hearted film from an underestimated era. Its always nice to watch on a rainy day and with the family to see simpler times, but still full of fun.